Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rawwwwwr at the Sentosa Beach Singapore

The word "SENTOSA" means peaceful in Malay. Sentosa Island in Singapore has tropical island resort, themed entertainment, natured park and others.

Sentosa Express

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


     My former officemates  from a Call Center invited me to have a summer getaway in Batangas. As a certified "LAGALAG," (traveller) I don't have any 2nd  thougths to join them even I'm just came from Palawan. I really miss them and I want to spend  time around this people.
     Our destination will be at SIGAYAN BEACH RESORT which is located in Baranggay Plaiya, Laiya , San Juan Batangas. I heard a lot of  good feedbacks from my friends about the good white sand beaches in  Batangas specially in San Juan. hmmm..let's see and find out!
     The travelling time going to the beach resort  from manila is almost 4hrs..It's a long drive huh...

     The resort room rates are quite affordable depending on the types of room and no. of pax..We chose the cottage room which has one air-conditioned big bedroom with veranda, 8 single beds (P150/extra bed) , mini-kitchen, tables and chairs, refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser w/ one 5 gallon purified water, stove and gas. With regards to their amenities, you can take your meals in their simple restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. Enjoy their water activities like kayaking (250/hr) boating (800/10pax), banana boat (1100/5pax), jetski.They have also 2 videokes (P5 /song) which can be use till 10 pm only.

     One thing I noticed to this resort was the beach area. You will see a lot of fishing boats parked along the shoreline which occupied a big area of the beach . It seems that the beach resort is open for public and not a private resort. Beside the Sigayan Beach Resort, there's a small community residing at the area.

     It has white sand but not so white like Pagupod sand nor powdery as Boracay sand.The water is clean but not so clear.

     The beach front view is nice.The sea and the mountain range connect to each other which gives a good background for picture taking.


     During lowtide, ( specially in the morning) you will see stones/rocks emerged above the water. I really enjoyed this part of the beach because the place is best for photo shoot. My friends (frissie and Dan) acted like real models..(naks nman super emote! lol) 

                  Overall, we enjoyed our vacation here. Simple but lots of memories..

Ratings: 1-10 (10 is the highest)

Accommodation- 7  
Room Rates- 9   
Facilities- 7    
Beach area- 7 

Monday, March 28, 2011


Mt. Pico de loro (also known Mt, Palay -Palay) is considered the highest mountain of the province of Cavite. The mountain lies the boundary of the provinces of Cavite and Batangas. The are two jump -off -points which is located in Ternate, Cavite and Nasugbo, Batangas.

We hired a jeep and  started our way from Dasmarinas, Cavite going to Ternate Hi-way known as the Magnetic hill. The trail started at the DENR outpost in Ternate Cavite. We registered first  and payed a certain amount  for the registration before we climb to the mountain. Reminders to everyone specially to first-timers, you must be in proper mountain climbing get up (to protect you from grass and bushes, pointed stones) and appropriate equipments. Don't forget to bring sunblock to protect your skin from direct heat of sunlight specially when you reach the peak at noon time. It is also advisable to bring insect repellent lotion for unwanted bites of insect specially mosquitoes.

We reached the campsite past 6 o'clock in the evening.So we pitched the tent under the bamboo trees.The wind was so strong during that time. I started to say a joke, " Grabeh namn pala dito sa Mt. Pico de loro.. naka no. 10 ang Electrifan..nakacentralized..super Lakas".. hahahha..We took our dinner and started to know to each other. After that, we started our "inuman session".They brought emperador light, the bar and vodka. The place was really cold so we needed to put heat in our body. George and Shey organized this climb. They prepared some games like  Pinoy Henyo, Charages, 7 up game, amongothers. We really enjoyed the 7- up game because every time you lost the game, you'll take off one item that you're wearing..

     Before we climb the peak of  Mt. Pico de Loro. We took photoshoot near the campsite..(photoshoot tlaga?. lol).

     After a little more than half an hour in the trail, we reached the first peak. The sun was too high over head. We really exposed directly from the heat of the sunlight.It's ok because we are not "maarte" (delicate). Then, we headed off next to the 2nd peak of the mountain which our way  was too tough. There's a part in the mountain that you need to use a rope to get up to the peak. The rope was too short. And this was the only way to get up the peak..We still continued our way even it's too dangerous. Finally we reached the peak. The view was really breathtaking.

On our way going down the mountain, we went  to the falls to take a bath. Unfortunately, there's no flowing water from the mountain. By the way, we don't traverse the mountain instead we go back our way down to DENR post.

Some of the mountaineers, they take another way to go down from the mountain. They create a side trip going down to Nasugbu, Batangas. From there, you can go the beautiful beaches and private resorts in Hamilo Coast.
My adventure in Mt Pico de Loro was really unforgettable. Not only I reached the peak of the mountain but because I found new friends and appreciate the nature more. Enjoy travelling.

PANDAN ISLAND - Puerto Princesa Cty, Palawan

Pandan Island

     After exploring the beauty of Snake Island, we headed off next to Pandan Island. And if you're thinking the name of the island is came from the word Pandan ( a grass/tree using for flavouring and handicrafts). Hmmmm...You're right!.The island is called Pandan Island because of the abundance of pandan grass/tree that grows in the island.When i see this grass/tree, I remember my aunt who always put pandan leaves whenever she cook rice  in our province. It really gives nice scent and flavor to the rice.

      The island has white sandy beach and clear blue
waters. Perfect for picture taking. The beach area is ideal for swimmng and snorkeling.

     You can also see some of starfish in the island. My chinese friend (Haimo) took a shot while holding a starfish and it was a great experience interacting this such creature living under the sea.

     After doing water activities, we walked around and take some pictures. I asked my friend to to take me a picture while doing a martial artist moves..Not so perfect shot but it gives me a smile while looking at this picture. (ang kuleeet ! lol).

Saturday, March 26, 2011

SNAKE ISLAND in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Snake Island

     Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour was the last part of our adventure in Puerto Princesa City. We first headed off to Snake island. Ooopss... Don't think about the Snake.It's just the name.The island is shaped like slithering snake if you look at  it above  (aerial view) or have walked the entire island...According to our guide, they also call it Worm Island (Which is better? Snake Island or Worm Island?  What do you think? lol).

The island has clean, crystal clear water, white glittering sand beach which is the best background for summer photo shoot..

It is also surrounded by Bakawan's (Mangrove trees) which gives more color to the island. I remember my Biology subject that this trees provide a safe haven and nursery for variety of fishes, birds, seashells, and other living organisms.

After a long-walked on the sandbar of the island, we took our lunch in our cottage.Our guide prepared seafoods like fried shrimp and fish. It's really yummy (delicious)..RAPSA tlaga..

We stayed in the island for about 1 and half hour and headed off to our next destination,  Pandan Island..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UNDERGROUND RIVER, Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan

Sabang Island

     On the 2nd day of my tour in Palawan, I'm so excited to explore the must-see tourist attraction in Puerto Prinsesa which is now official nominee for the World's new 7 Wonders of the World.---Underground Subterranean River.

     Actually, my plan was to have our own itinerary going to the cave. I asked Manny (owner of Manny's Inn) on how to get to UNDERGROUND RIVER. He told us that we couldn't easily enter the island and cave if we don't have permits from the City Government. Manny offered tour packages which include Underground River and Island Hopping in Honda Bay. Underground River tour cost 1500 (peso) and Honday Bay Tour cost 1200 (peso). I asked discounts and he gave that P1350 (peso) for Underground River tour and 1100(peso) for Honday Bay tour.(naks! lakas ng appeal ko. lol).The packages include lunch buffet, transportation(round trip),tour guide fee,cave entrance fee, permits and others.

Ugong Rock

     Along our way going to Underground River, we took a side trip to UGONG ROCK Cave in Tagabinet.We experienced cave spelunking which we need to climb up through the cave's cracks and crevices then go down via long zipline.It's an optional to take zipline going down because you can do it again through caving. The tour inside the cave cost 100 (peso) and 250 (peso) for the zipline. I just want to remind that you might get hurt if you don't follow your guides. Properly wear your helmet to protect your head from pointed rocks. Lastly, expect that you will get dirt and sweat during the activity.

Sabang Beach

     We arrived at Sabang Island around 11am. We had our lunch and stayed at the cottage for about 1 and half hour. Around 12:30pm, we took a motorized bangka (outrigger boat) to the beach near the cove to the river which takes another 15 minutes.

Limestone Cliff

     The scenery along the way in the bangka is breathtaking. You'll see beautiful limestone cliffs set in clear green water.

Monitor Lizard

     From the beach, we walked around 3-5 minutes along the wooden planks going to the cave opening. We saw bayawak (monitor lizard) passing through our way and probably saying give me a shot and i will do the pose (joke)wahaha.

Cave Entrance

     Inside the cave, you’ll be amazed with the stunning formation of stalactites and stalagmites. It’s really an impressive network of caves.Our imagination really works .The bangkero which is also our tour guide reminds us not to look up with your mouth open.Water drips along the way. Even bat pee.


the "Cathedral"

     The place was spectacularly magnificent. No wonder why it is chosen of one the nominee for the World's new 7 Wonders of the World.

UNDERGROUND RIVER, Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan powered by den marco



Day 1 " CITY TOUR" -The best way to know the city of PUERTO PRINCESA is to take a CITY TOUR..
Instead of availing the city tour package from a tour operator, we decided to take our own city tour. As a tourism student, I already have ideas on how to make an itinerary.And before we invade PALAWAN, I did some researches about the places that we can explore during our PALAWAN TOUR.


Our first stop was the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, just 5 minutes walk from Manny's Inn (the place where we stay).You'll see the Immaculate Conception of Mary which is the patroness of Puerto Prinsesa. After that, we went to City Plaza and Palawan Museum that showcases informations found in historical artifacts and creations of both man and nature.


Next was Mitra's Ranch in Sta. Monica. We took a ride the jeep and taxicab (trycycle) going there.It offered the most breathtaking view of Palawan a few hundred feet above the rest of the city.You''ll see the scenic overview of Honday Bay Islands from here. Perfect for picture taking.

Bakers Hill

Then we took our meriendas in Baker's Hill which is known to have delicious baked goodies.It also provides sorts of fun-filled activities with its playgrounds, picnic areas, celebrities replica,finely-landscaped gardens and cartoon sculptures.

On our way to our next destination, I asked the driver if he knows the the location of Crocodile Farm and Iwahig Penal Colony. He told us that the Farm and prison colony will be close around 4pm..It's already past 3pm and we don't have enough time for we decided to go to our last destination which is BAYWALK..Anyway,  according to my research, Crocodile farm is  a conservatory of crocodiles and some of Palawan's endemic species of wildlife.Iwahig is a prison where you can see the prisoners that till the land, make and sell handicrafts etc.  

After the whole day of GALA, we took our dinner in Inato's Chicken and have some beers in TIKI bar.

Did you know that there's no taxi in Puerto Princesa?
Did you know that there's no cinema in Puerto Princesa?
Did you know the name TIKI BAR was came from the words TITI and KIKI (private organ part of human being), which is also the name of the restroom for the girls and boys



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