Saturday, March 26, 2011

SNAKE ISLAND in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Snake Island

     Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour was the last part of our adventure in Puerto Princesa City. We first headed off to Snake island. Ooopss... Don't think about the Snake.It's just the name.The island is shaped like slithering snake if you look at  it above  (aerial view) or have walked the entire island...According to our guide, they also call it Worm Island (Which is better? Snake Island or Worm Island?  What do you think? lol).

The island has clean, crystal clear water, white glittering sand beach which is the best background for summer photo shoot..

It is also surrounded by Bakawan's (Mangrove trees) which gives more color to the island. I remember my Biology subject that this trees provide a safe haven and nursery for variety of fishes, birds, seashells, and other living organisms.

After a long-walked on the sandbar of the island, we took our lunch in our cottage.Our guide prepared seafoods like fried shrimp and fish. It's really yummy (delicious)..RAPSA tlaga..

We stayed in the island for about 1 and half hour and headed off to our next destination,  Pandan Island..

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