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Mt. Pico de loro (also known Mt, Palay -Palay) is considered the highest mountain of the province of Cavite. The mountain lies the boundary of the provinces of Cavite and Batangas. The are two jump -off -points which is located in Ternate, Cavite and Nasugbo, Batangas.

We hired a jeep and  started our way from Dasmarinas, Cavite going to Ternate Hi-way known as the Magnetic hill. The trail started at the DENR outpost in Ternate Cavite. We registered first  and payed a certain amount  for the registration before we climb to the mountain. Reminders to everyone specially to first-timers, you must be in proper mountain climbing get up (to protect you from grass and bushes, pointed stones) and appropriate equipments. Don't forget to bring sunblock to protect your skin from direct heat of sunlight specially when you reach the peak at noon time. It is also advisable to bring insect repellent lotion for unwanted bites of insect specially mosquitoes.

We reached the campsite past 6 o'clock in the evening.So we pitched the tent under the bamboo trees.The wind was so strong during that time. I started to say a joke, " Grabeh namn pala dito sa Mt. Pico de loro.. naka no. 10 ang Electrifan..nakacentralized..super Lakas".. hahahha..We took our dinner and started to know to each other. After that, we started our "inuman session".They brought emperador light, the bar and vodka. The place was really cold so we needed to put heat in our body. George and Shey organized this climb. They prepared some games like  Pinoy Henyo, Charages, 7 up game, amongothers. We really enjoyed the 7- up game because every time you lost the game, you'll take off one item that you're wearing..

     Before we climb the peak of  Mt. Pico de Loro. We took photoshoot near the campsite..(photoshoot tlaga?. lol).

     After a little more than half an hour in the trail, we reached the first peak. The sun was too high over head. We really exposed directly from the heat of the sunlight.It's ok because we are not "maarte" (delicate). Then, we headed off next to the 2nd peak of the mountain which our way  was too tough. There's a part in the mountain that you need to use a rope to get up to the peak. The rope was too short. And this was the only way to get up the peak..We still continued our way even it's too dangerous. Finally we reached the peak. The view was really breathtaking.

On our way going down the mountain, we went  to the falls to take a bath. Unfortunately, there's no flowing water from the mountain. By the way, we don't traverse the mountain instead we go back our way down to DENR post.

Some of the mountaineers, they take another way to go down from the mountain. They create a side trip going down to Nasugbu, Batangas. From there, you can go the beautiful beaches and private resorts in Hamilo Coast.
My adventure in Mt Pico de Loro was really unforgettable. Not only I reached the peak of the mountain but because I found new friends and appreciate the nature more. Enjoy travelling.


  1. read this blog just now. and so far, this is the happiest climb for me. i enjoyed the trail and the company of new found friends.. kahit may after effect pa dahil sa injury ko, its part of the treasured experience. idagdag pa ang mga napakagandang shots ni sir marco.. looking forward to the next climb with you guys!!

  2. I love the first pic, it brings back memories of our day hike here. (Naakyat nyo ba yung rock cliff?)

  3. yeah..muntikan na kaming di makababa..ks muntikan ng maputol ung tali...buti na lng mauutak mga ksama ko at nagwa naming makababa ng safe

  4. parang napakasarap sa pakiramdam kapag nasa taas kna nyang rock cliff... sa cavite lang pla yan....

  5. same here...tnx dude



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