Monday, March 28, 2011

PANDAN ISLAND - Puerto Princesa Cty, Palawan

Pandan Island

     After exploring the beauty of Snake Island, we headed off next to Pandan Island. And if you're thinking the name of the island is came from the word Pandan ( a grass/tree using for flavouring and handicrafts). Hmmmm...You're right!.The island is called Pandan Island because of the abundance of pandan grass/tree that grows in the island.When i see this grass/tree, I remember my aunt who always put pandan leaves whenever she cook rice  in our province. It really gives nice scent and flavor to the rice.

      The island has white sandy beach and clear blue
waters. Perfect for picture taking. The beach area is ideal for swimmng and snorkeling.

     You can also see some of starfish in the island. My chinese friend (Haimo) took a shot while holding a starfish and it was a great experience interacting this such creature living under the sea.

     After doing water activities, we walked around and take some pictures. I asked my friend to to take me a picture while doing a martial artist moves..Not so perfect shot but it gives me a smile while looking at this picture. (ang kuleeet ! lol).

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  1. I totally enjoyed your Pandan island entry. :) Hope to read more interesting stuff from you. ;)




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