Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rawwwwwr at the Sentosa Beach Singapore

The word "SENTOSA" means peaceful in Malay. Sentosa Island in Singapore has tropical island resort, themed entertainment, natured park and others.

Sentosa Express

How to get there:

We took Sentosa Express which is located at Vivo City (Lobby L, Level 3). It provides easy access to Sentosa, HarbourFront Center and St. James Power Station. There are 4 stations: Senstosa Station, Waterfront Station,Imbiah Station and Beach Station. The ticket fair cost $3 per person. (use your EZ-link card for quick access).

Vivo Shopping Mall
According to my friend, Sentosa Boardwalk is another way going to Sentosa if you want to stroll around. It's a leisurely walk from the Vivo City Shopping Mall's waterfront promenade where you can see different lush structures and landscapes.
You can also hop to a Sentosa Rider  from orchard Road, Marina bay, China town for hassle-free journey to Sentosa.

Sentosa Beach 
We headed off first to Beach area of the island where beach lovers can enjoy the magnificent view of this 3.2 km long white sandy beaches streching across Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong.

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach lies in the centre of the southern coast of Sentosa. It has white glittering sand that gives good impressions to me. The water is clean and clear.

Tajong Beach

 The beautiful stretch of Tajong Beach is the best place for couples while enjoying the romantic ambiance of the beach shores and restaurants around the area during at night.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is known for beach volleyball and other outdoor activites such jogging/running. skim borading, mountian biking, rollerblading and others.

Sentosa Skyline

After leisurely stroll in the white beach area,  we went to Skyline Luge and availed the package with 3 rides in Luge and Skyline (S$21/person). We aboard first the skyride  and take in the fantastic panoramic scenery of the city skyline and  beautiful sunset in the coastline.

Sentosa Luge


 Sentosa Luge offers a truly unique outdoor experience, which brings you ultimate fun and pure excitement. , we drive a kart from the top of the hill going down to the starting point of Skyline. The Luge is a self- driving car system which enables the riders  inside to control the speed by pushing a pair of handlebars back and forth..So exciting!

Songs of the Sea

We finished our rides in Skyline Luge around 7 o'clock in the evening and headed off to the ticket booth to buy tickets  (S$10/ person)  for the Songs of the Sea.

At first, I don't have any ideas on what the show is all about. We just seated in front of the beach and waited to start the show. We saw nipa hut (not sure huh) cottages standing on the shoreline of the sea.There were lots of tourist watching the show so you need to be early to get the best seats.

A short bursts of intense of fire come out and  slowly the singers begun to act and sing .You will mesmerized and fascinated  by the interplay of lights and lasers.The water  fountain  serves as projector  which display images of different characters. The dancing fountain, flame bursts and captivating music was really fun fun fun!

Dancing Fountain


  1. nice pics at your adventures.. keep it up

  2. Gusto ko rin mapuntahan ito. haha. kala ko abot hanggang Palawan. Yun lang pala ang name niya. :)




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