Friday, April 22, 2011

Mt. Tarak Ridge in Bataan- Pain to Fullfilment

MT. MARIVELES-TARAK RIDGE is 1,288 meters above sea level ( Mariveles Summit) 1006 meters above sea level-Tarak Ridge. From the Tarak Ridge, you will have viewpoint of interesting places such as Mt. Samat, Corregidor Island, Marivels Ridgeline and the town of Mariveles and its port. You will also see Manila bay and buildings in the Metro.

You can take Buses bound to Bataan. Then go to Mariveles. Catch a ride to Barangay Alasanin (Alas-asin). Get down at the Barangay Hall for registration.

We hired a jeep and started our way from Baclaran Church (assembly venue) going to Mariveles, Bataan which is the jump off point going to summit of Mt. Tarak Ridge. The travel time took almost 3 hrs.

We headed off first to Barangay Hall to register. After that, we had our lunch on a "boodle fight style" ( a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on the top of the banana leaves) in KUBO near Barangay Hall. I was so impressed to these people specially the ladies because they are all game for this style of eating. I really like them because they are not "maarte" (delicate) and very adventurous  type of people.

At 12:30 pm, we started our journey going to summit under the heat of sunlight. We prayed first and prepared ourselves in a long trekking. To be honest with you, my right foot is aching. I got injured from my last fun run. But anyway, "LIFE GOES ON" malayo naman toh sa buto eh. yakang yakang LOL!

On our way to Papaya River (first stop before the summit), I see lots of different species of fauna. You will also noticed some stones put together which I think  gives mark to every mountaineers going to the summit. The noise from the top of trees was kinda intriguing. It's so loud. According to them, the noise was coming from an insect which I really don't believe. 

Walk, walk and walk, I felt there was no ending of walking. So tiring and frustrating. Haisst..My foot injury is getting worst but still need to walk. It's extremely difficult for me to make a walk on the mountain slopes. I just set my mind to be on the summit no matter what happens. Thanks to the beauty of the nature and it gave me additional strength to continue my adventure way to the peak of the mountain. INHALE, EXHALE. Feel the fresh air and enjoy the sceneries.

After 3 hours of non-stop walking, we'd finally reach the PAPAYA RIVER. The sounds of the flowing water from the river was so relaxing. I took a long, deep breath and have a sit on the big rock. While resting, we took photo shoots and ate our food trails. We also refilled our water trail from the river. Don't worry it's safe.It is cold and so refreshing. We can actually fetch our tent besides Papaya River but we decided to do it on the 2nd campsite near the summit.

Around 5:00 pm, we continued our walk going to summit. It's getting difficult  as we get near the peak of Mt. Tarak.The mountain slope became steeper and steeper. With the help of the vines and roots of the trees, we were easily climb up to the top.

We reached the campsite past 6 o'clock in the evening. We fetched our tent near the summit of the mountain which is 15-20 mins. walked from our campsite. I'm expecting we will hit by the strong winds. But everything was normal. Not so strong. Not so cold. TAMANG TAMA lang.

The scenery at the summit is fantastic and breathtaking. I really love the nature. Haist.Ang galing tlga ni Lord (God is good).

While siting on the side of the mountain, I feel the slow pace of the time, quite the senses and the touch of nature. Far away from the busy metro.

It's getting dark at the campsite so we decided to cooked our dinner. We prepared sinigang na manok, fried meat loaf,  tuna and others. After that. we had our socials and had a drink of liquors, "pampainit" lol! Getting to know each other, giving advices and opinions, laugh out loud, drink the whole night..hmmm.can't forget that. The word of the night "OPINYON". hahaha. Everyone enjoyed that night even we're all tired and drunk. This was one of the best part of mountaineering, meeting new TROPA (friends) in this beautiful place.

 We are here as part of the CLIMB AGAINST CANCER II. All mountaineers and outdoor enthusiast from all over the country collaborate to summit in different climbing destination simultaneously for the benefits of PGH (Philippine General Hospital) Pediatric Cancer Ward. 


At the end, I got body pains and my right foot injury get worst but I don't have any regrets. I went back home with a big smile on my face and unforgettable memories

Thanks to the organizers of this climb and to Rock Gonzalez for some shots.. ASTIG ..


  1. naks,,, astig,,, love this blog..:0)

  2. galing tlga ni sir marco

  3. tnx mga sir..kita kits sa next climb.. so excited again hahaha

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  6. tnx..more adventure to come

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  8. nice sir! glad to be a part of this...'twas a remarkable one spending my climb for a cause with you guys! till next climb!...

  9. nice shots. galing. magyaya ka naman minsan. hehe. :)

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