Sunday, May 8, 2011

INTRAMUROS- Back to the old times

During my High School days, I always tell to my classmate that my favorite subject is Social Studies (it is also called Sibika at Kultura or Hekasi). Social Studies is easy to understand and to learn. It's all about memorization about the past or should I say HISTORY. And everything related to history sounds good to my ears. No wonder why, historical places like INTRAMUROS is an interesting place for me.
Its name, in Spanish, INTRAMUROS, literally “within the wall”’ meaning within the high wall enclosure of the city. It was the center of Spanish political, religious, and military power in the region during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines.

One of the main attractions in walled city is the Manila Cathedral. The structure of the church is really impressive and expressive. You'd feel the touch of Spaniards of  each details sculptured on the wall. The design is very elegant. Getting married in the Manila Cathedral is extremely popular specially for the celebrities. 

After visiting the famous Manila Cathedral, I headed off to San Agustin Church. During the World War II, the walled city is suffered grievously. San Agustin Church remained standing at the end of the war. It is consider the oldest church standing in the Philippines. Just like the Manila Cathedral, the  church architectures is a masterpiece of arts that shown on the ceiling and the pillars framing the door.

Another Unique structure that you can find in INTRAMUROS is Palacio del Gobernador. Hmm...sounds interesting..This is the residence and office of the governor general during the Spanish Colonization.But now, it is home of the Intramuros Administration and, COMELEC offices and other Government offices.

As I walked around the area, I felt I was in the past. The buildings, restaurants, schools, street lights are all in European designs- Spanish Era.I'm so glad that the Philippine government preserved it's historical style and improved some of the structures.

It's nice to be back in the place of full of history with the glimpsed of amazing structures built in the past .
I must say it's a WOW PHILIPPINES.


  1. ThetreasuretrackerMay 9, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    hi welcome to PINOY TRAVEL BLOGGERS!

    Im also planning to travel around Intramuros for my Project TOUR MANILA.

    Hope to meet you soon. More travels!

  2. hihi.. ui darwin wala lang.. go to Casa Manila first to get a good map of Intramuros.. it's for free.

    btw.. welcome to PTB marco..

  3. salamt sa pg welcome..see you soon..marami akong shots dian sa intramuros kso tinamad n akong mg uplod lol

  4. salamat sa pag welcome..astig ung mga blogs nio thetreasuretracker at batang lakwatsero..nice..mgposrt pa ako ng mga pics dian sa intramuros..ngloko ksi net ko eh



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