Friday, June 10, 2011

Mt.Pintubo: Trek Till The End

After bumping and cranking on a 4x4 jeep , we finally reached the jump-off point of the Mt. Pintubo.  The Skyway was under-construction so we need to trek the old way jump-off point for about 2-3 hours going to the Mt. Pinatubo's crater.  A light 45-60 minutes trekking if you started from the Skyway jump-off point.

It's raining cats and dogs as we started our trek going to the summit of Mt. Pinatubo.  Suddenly it will stop and after a while it will rain again. I’m freaking wet that time but my journey needs to continue. Lahar canyons were on just way. The river bed was filled with lahar (mud, ashes and volcanic rocks. I’m still enjoying my trek even my feet was already aching. It’s advisable to wear shoes rather than slippers because  the trail was too rocky and slippery. It will also helps your feet to protect from sharp-pointed stones. But, the problem, your shoes will be wet and stinky after the trail lol. It’s up to you either shoes or slippers as long you're comfortable during the long hours of trekking

Across the rivers, you will find unique rock formations which reveal the other side beauty of Mt. Pinatubo. There were also big rocks along our way which came from the volcanic eruption.

After 2 hours of trekking, we reached the Skyway jump-off point (if you use the skyway route) . A place where you can take a rest for while under the 2 big cottages. There is also available restroom in that area. 

Unlike the first trail, the 2nd trail is not that too rocky and complicated. Another 30-45 minutes trekking going to the Mt. Pinatubo's Crater. Along our way,there are some point a bit tiring. I don’t know if we’re all tired or the incline of the trail is too stiff. Don't worry, the Mt. Pinatubo Trek is just a minor hike. 

To be continue........................

Part 1-  4x4 Ride Adventure

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