Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Muddy Adventure to Mt. Batulao

The adventure of Marco to Mt. Batulao started raining cats and dogs on a Saturday Morning. I know it is kinda hustle to travel wearing rain coat or umbrella especially trekking on wet and muddy terrain going up to the peak of the mountain…. but the weather won’t stop our group to explore the magnificent Mt. Batulao.

Mt. Batulao is one of the beautiful mountains in the south that lies between the Balayan and Nasugbu towns of Batangas. The jump-off point is at Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu with 2-4 hours trek going to the peak of the mountain. The mountain stands more than 800 meters above sea level . This is minor a climb with with 60-70 degrees assault. So to all the first-timer to mountaineering, you can easily do it. Go! GO! GO!

The name Batulao is originated from a phenomenon “Bato sa Ilao” (illuminated rocks) that happens only in December where the sun sets right between the two peaks of Batulao. Later on, it was abbreviated Batulao. 

At the peak of the Mt. Batulao offers spectacular view the South China Sea, the Batangas province and the surrounding mountains like Pico de Loro and Talamitam.

If you will go to Mt. Batulao, I suggest climb here during the summer time or on a sunny day. And of course, we can’t predict the weather. So still prepare on a wet and muddy road up to the peak. Just like us....You’re bounded to get wet and dirty. And also wears rubber shoes instead slippers. If you will trek on the muddy road, expect your slippers will be useless. You might do a barefoot trek instead. Don’t worry because the mud is very soft to your feet. (parang nag pa SPA ka lang lol).

The interesting part on this mountain was the peak of the Mountain. You will really enjoy the beauty of nature. Lots of mountains, rock formations, mind-boggling clouds and a lot more that will surely entice you to go back here. There is also a route going to peak that you need to rappel in order to go up to the next level..lolAnd take note! If you‘re thirsty, you can buy softdrinks/sodas here. You read it right! There are softdrink/sodas available at the peak of the mountain. The locals also sell fresh coconuts and halo-halo (crushed ice mixed with different fruits and milk) with price ranging from 20-25 pesos.

I really enjoyed this adventure because the trekking comes along with food trip...and of course...I'm with my mountaineer peeps... I’m really dirty going up and down of Mt. Batulao… ...and I don’t take care because this is really part of my journey on every mountain I climb. For sure I’ll be back to Mt. Batulao.


  1. I say WaW BatulaW! Ganda ng hugis ng bundok jan...

  2. my first ever climb was also in mt batulao... i think we went there during the summer so it wasn't as muddy as you experienced it. :) cheers to a great adventure!

  3. as in.... super maputik.. halos lahat kami nakayapak na pumanaog sa camp site..hehhe

  4. nice one.. for sure i'll go back on this mountain

  5. right...the best ito para sa mga beginner sa mountaineering

  6. Hahaha sakin yung feet na yun kakahiya naman kala ko tapos na yun, :))



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