Friday, August 10, 2012

A guide to P and O Cruises

P and O Cruises take expectant holidaymakers to some of the most far-flung and amazing corners of the world throughout the year and the company promises plenty of truly magical experiences along the way. The good news if you're hoping to join the party is that there are some excellent value offers being made available right now on P and O Cruises holidays beginning this year and next.

There are seven ships in all within the P&O fleet and each of them is as just luxurious and well-equipped as the last. There tends to be a real party atmosphere on-board each and every vessel, with vibrant bars and restaurant areas among the most popular parts of the ship. But there are all manner of activities and adventure areas for children of all ages to make the most of on a number the company's finest ships as well.

In terms of destinations, you are effectively spoilt for choice while weighing up your options on where to visit with P&O. In total, the company's ships make their way to as many as 150 different locations worldwide and the list of destinations includes many of the more idyllic parts of the Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia and of course the Caribbean.

Part of the reason why P&O is so often voted in as the UK's favourite cruise company is the fact that it has dozens of trips departing each year from Southampton. The fact that so many cruises set off from southern England and don't require connecting flights makes a real difference to their appeal, particularly for families with small children. And the UK departure options offered by P&O can be even more of a plus point if you've got your eye on one of the company's mini cruises that set sail around various parts of Europe throughout the year.

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