Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Villa Navarro Beach Resort and Restaurant in La Union

Located along the Lingayen Gulf in Caba, La Union, Villa Navarro is one of beautiful beach resorts  that you must know when you are travelling in the north. 

Villa Navarro Beach Resort in La Union

Villa Navarro is is beautifully landscaped with lush, green, full-grown coconut trees, giving you shade and privacy as you stroll down the longest beach in La Union.

Villa Navarro Room Accommodation

The resort offers beautifully designed cabanas and cottages. From Family Cottage to VIP suites, each room are full air conditioned. The Kubo-Kubo is the only accommodation that electric fan only. It has also other accommodations like Beach Hut, Beach Cabana, Beach Gazebo and others.

Villa Navarro Amenities and Facilities

Room Rates are ranging from Php 1000 to Php 6000.

One of the amenities of the resort that you will definitely enjoy is the sparkling waters of its family size swimming pool.

What is the best thing about Villa Navarro, it is a serene place offering privacy and comfort to its guests. 

The resorts also a place for wedding, birthday celebrations, beauty pageants and others. 

Things to do/ must-see places  in La Union
  • Surfing on the breaks of San Juan, Carille and Bacnotan 
  • Enjoy the beauty of the Botanical Garden of San Fernando 
  • Be peace in the Macho Temple 
  • Dive at the Fagg Reef

Resort Name: Villa Navaro Beach Resort and Restaurant
Resort Location: Caba La Union, Philippines
Resort Contact number:
Tel. No.: (63-72) 7080430, 7080108
Mobile: (63-72) 7080113
Telefax: (63-905) 2799909 Email: info@villanavarrobeachresort.com
Resort Website: http://www.villanavarrobeachresort.com/

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photos credit to Villa Navarro Beach Resort

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  1. something to see in la union :) gusto ko yung pool lakas makamayaman



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