Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thunderbird Resorts provides Elegance Experience

If you are looking for an elegant and beautiful resort-hotel in La Union, Thunderbird Resorts or Thunderbirds Resort-Hotel is what you are looking for.

Thunderbird Resorts

Thunderbird Resorts is the only five-star hotel-resort in Northern Luzon, It is located at VOA, Pennsylvania Avenue, Poro Point Special Economic and Freeport Zone, San Fernando, La Union, fronting the finest beaches and facing the Lighthouse beside Wallace Air Station, a United States Air Force (USAF) facility. The luxury suites are nestled upon a 100-ft cliff at the highest point of the Poro peninsula. 

The hotel-resort was owned by an international developer that provides hospitality services in Asia and Latin America . It has other branches in India, Peru, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The luxurious  resort offers  Deluxe Garden Room, Deluxe Balcony Room and Deluxe VO Room, Santorini coffee shop,  Olives restaurant, Santorini Bar & Lounge, Cabana bar,  Patio Vegas Cafe, Pool Bar, Swimming Pool and Cliffs Golf & Beach Club.

Enjoy the water sports activities like surfing, swimming, kayaking, jetski, volleyball and others. 

A must-see attraction in La Union

Visit the the various local industries that make up La Union like the Pottery –making, blanket weaving and basi-making.

You might want experience La Union’s popular natural attractions like Bauang beach, Kasay Marine Sanctuary, La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden and San Francisco-Canaoay-Pagudpud Beach.

Be back in the history with La Union’s cultural and historical sites like Bacsil Ridge, Baroro Bridge Marker, Battle of San Fernando Marker, Luna Watchtower, Museo De Iloko, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Wallace and Air Station.

The centuries-old churches and religious structures have been preserved in many towns in La Union including Agoo Apparition Site, Macho Temple, Pindangan Ruins, Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Shrine of Our Lady of Charity.

Resort Name: Thunderbird Resorts 
Resort Location: Poro Point San Fernando, La Union Philippines
Resort Contact Number: (02) 886 5555 Email: website:

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photos credit to Thunderbird Resorts

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