Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Majestic of Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte

Kabigan Falls in Ilocos Norte is the highest waterfalls that I’ve seen so far on my adventure. It is located at the eastern part of Barangay Balaoi which is also part the town of Pagudpud.

Kabigan Falls, Ilocos Norte

Before we can see the magnificent falls, we need to pay 50 Pesos/person for the entrance fee at the jump-off point. The fee includes a local guide that will bring us to the falls. Even there is a visible trail going to the falls, you'll still need a tour guide just to be safe.

On my way to the falls, we saw little rice terraces which was the main source of food and income of the people around the area. The beautiful river served as the guide to all the tourists.

The trek going to Kabigan Falls takes 20 to 30 minutes mostly of flat area. Actually you will not feel it’s tiring because you will enjoy the verdant panorama of the place. And also, you are definitely sure you're inhaling fresh air coming from the lushes green trees of the forest..

What I'm wearing: Aztec tank top from Landmark store, short from Bizaare, headwear turns to bracelet from SM Accessories, slippers from Banana Peel.

The Kabigan Falls is really stunning and breathtaking. This is best place for photography wherein the waterfalls as your background. Why not! I really enjoyed the water because it’s really cool. So sad I’m not able to take dip into the water because I don’t have extra shirt. So guys don’t forget to bring extra shirt because swimming here is absolutely for FREE.


  1. We'll check this out sa Ilocos trip namen! Solo Trip ka ba dito?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog..I'm alone on my way to ilocos but a companion who also love to travel joined my adventure.



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