Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marco Adventure goes to Caramoan

Everyone knows the reality game show, Survivor. It is one of the famous reality tv shows not only in USA but also around the world.  The show features contestants who are isolated in the wilderness and compete for cash and other prizes. The final contestant will get the title of "Sole Survivor."

Did you know that Survivor USA already shoot some of their episodes in the Philippines? If you are an avid fan of the show, you know the twenty-sixth season of Survivor USA entitled Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites took place in Caramoan Islands.

Just to give you trivia, other Survivor franchisees that filmed in the past in Caramaon were Survivor France (March 8 2007), Survivor Israel in (April, 2009), Survivor Bulgaria (July 2009), and Survivor Serbia (September 2009) and Survivor Sweden (July, 2010).

Anyway, I’m so curious in the island that’s why my group availed a Caramoan group package via online

From Naga City, we took a ban going to Barangay Sabang in the town of San Jose, Camarines Sur. The fare is P100/ person. Since it was Holy Week season, a lot of tourists were lined –up and waiting for the trigger boats that can bring from Sabang going to Guijalo, Caramoan. Trigger boats charge P120 per passenger.

Our group cannot wait the next trigger boat,  we talked other travelers that we met in Sabang to hire a big boat that can accommodate our group and their group. Good thing there were private boats that can be hired available in the area. The capacity of the boat is up to 20 persons. We rented it for Php 4000.

Haist.. I'm so excited to see the Island of Caramoan. It took almost 2 hours of waiting before we reached Guijalo. Guy's take a medication before your travel in the middle of the sea. It's really different feeling when riding on a boat. You might feel dizzy along your way to the island.

Since we took a package tour, everything was handled by our contact person. A big tricycle was waiting in the port that will take our group to inn. What funny about the tricycle, it's really BIG. It can accommodate 10 persons. Normally, tricycles in the metro can accommodate 4-5 persons plus the driver. "Kasyang-kasyang kami lahat in one tricycle." hehe.

Our first day tour in Caramoan, we went just around the town. Our first stop was in the majestic Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel. This structure is very stunning. With its architecture style and design,  everyone will definitely love this church.

After visiting one of the oldest churches in Camarines Sur, we headed to Omang Cave which is situated between Barangay Paniman and Barangay Ilawod. We saw some of the beautiful limestones formations in the cave. Other than Omang cave, there are other interesting caves in Caramoan like Manipis Cave at Barangay Pandanan, Culapnit Cave in Sitio Bariw and Bulang Bulang Cave in Taisan.

Our next stop was going to Gota Village Resort, one of the famous resorts in the Island of Caramoan. The resort is said to be the resting place of the Survivor's cast members and crew.  So sad we were not able to see the place because it was closed for all tourists who were not checked-in the resort.

photo credit from Gota Village Resort Facebook Page

All of us were freaking tired and hungry, so we decided to go in the city proper. The place is clean and peaceful. The people also are friendly. So what we did was Food Trip Galore. We enjoyed eating street food like tasteful barbeque (BBQ), fried isaw, crispy chicken,yummy ginataang bilo-bilo and others.

What I'm wearing: A very cool and elegant watch from SM Accessories and tank top from Fashion Online.

Our guide told us that on our second day we will do the island hopping. After the food trip, we immediately went to our inn and took a beauty rest lolz.

I’m so excited to see the island of Lahuy, Matukad, Pitogo, Sabitang Laya, Minalahos, Lahus, Hunongan, Gota, Cotivas, and Tinago.

Don’t forget to read my next blog on my Caramoan’s Island hopping. so watch out for that!..Thanks for reading....


  1. this is very beautiful place.. proooud to be a bicolano

    1. Yap..Caramoan is one the best places I've seen on my Adventure

  2. wow tagal ko ng gustong makarating dian..fan ako ng survivor at the best talaga yung last episode nila sa Caramoan..

    1. The best nga ung Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites episode.. :-)



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