Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Fascinating Black Sand Beaches in Albay, Bicol

Before I go to Legazpi, a friend texted me, who is living before in Albay, Bicol, told me I need to check the black sand beaches that can be found along the coasts of Bacacay, Sto. Domingo and Tiwi. I know it’s kinda rare and fascinating that there are beaches in the Philippines that have black sand because we normally see powdery-white sand. I heard also the Big Island in Hawaii is famous for this attraction. Which do you think is the best black sand beaches ? in Bicol or in Hawaii? hmmmm...

Anyway, after my Mount Mayon Adventure in Casagwa Ruins, I headed to the city of Legazpi via jeep and being charged of 14 pesos. Actually, I had two rides before I reached the main terminal of the city known as Legazpi City Central terminal. On this place, you can choose jeep, van or bus going to particular destinations like Legazpi to Manila, Sorsogon, Naga, Tiwi, Sto Domingo and others. According to 'manong driver' the nearest black sand beach is in Bacacay.

Legazpi City to Bacacay is about 30 minutes to 45 mins. of travel. You can ride the jeep going to Bacacay and off at Brgy San Jose junction. Since it's super hot that day,  I took van instead with a sign board of Bacacay. The fare is Php 40.

Another tricycle was waiting for me to go the beach. If you have enough time and very ready to walk under the heat of the sun, you can reach the beach by means of walking. You can save Php 40 for that if you will use your feet going there.

Just to give you trivia guys what happen why the sand became black, simply because of Mt Mayon Volcano.The distinct black sand is created from the millions of years of natural erosion of volcanic rock and which evolved from ground lava and into fine-textured sands. The black sand is usually a little grainy. Some people are saying the sand has therapeutic benefits.. hmmm believe or not????

The sand is not too rocky and it's easy to walk with barefoot. Since it's really hot that time and the sand seems hot as well, I used my super cool and comfy pair of slippers (quicksilver) from ResToeRun.

Sad to say, due to limited of time, I was not able to to visit  the beaches in Tiwi and Sto Domingo.. Probably next time on my Bicol Trip.

So guys! If you are looking for a really satisfying black sand beach swimming experience, head over to the beaches of  Bacacay, Sto. Domingo and Tiwi. So don't forget to visit this extra-ordinary beautiful place if you're in the province of Bicol.

See you on my next ADVENTURE. Thanks for reading......


  1. I don't know there's black sand beach in the Philippines.. great post marco.. batang lagalag ka talaga

  2. black sand beach???? want to experience that kind of beach.. cool!

  3. looking at the jeepney terminal nakakahiya bigla mga terminal dito sa manila hahaha.... this really is something..... a must visit when in Bicol

  4. thanks for visiting my blog ian.. yeah..para maiba nman.. puro white sand beach ang ksi pinupuntahan ng mga bakasyonista naun

  5. thanks. this is by far the most informative - esp the part on how to go there.



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