Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amboy Hometel in Batanes

Amboy Hometel in Batanes offers a relaxing ambiance which a short walking distance to Chanarian Beach.  It’s just like a big house that turns into inn. 

Amboy Hometel has a total of six room accommodations and five different room categories. They also  have a mini-resto that serves sumptuous Filipino cuisines.

One of  the best things to do while in the hometel, take a walk in a long stretch of light black sand and pebble beach. Indulge into different water sports like swimming, snorkeling, stand surfing and others.

Going to Batanes is through airlines via South East Asian Airlines (Seair), Air Philippines (Airphil) and Batanes Airlines.

Things to do/ must-see places in Batanes

Check out  Sto. Domingo Cathedral, Chavayan Church, San Carlos Borromeo Church, San Jose Obrero Church, and Sta Maria Immaculada Church..

Visit the Batan Island, Vernacular Houses, Manoyok, Siayan Island, Rafang Cliff, Mt. Riposed, Nahili Do Votox, Kumayasakas Cave and Water Source, Torongan Hill, Torongan Cave, Mt. Karoboban, Itbayat Island, Duvek Bay, Sumbnga, Chavayan Barrio, Savidug Barrio, Savidug Idjang, Ahaw/Nakabuang beach, Imnajbu, Itbud Idjang,  Song-Song Ruins, Spanish Bridge, Honesty Coffee Shop, Chanpan, Valugan or Valugan Boulder Beach, House of Dakay, San Jose De Ivana, Sumhao Wind Turbines, Rakuh-A-Idi-Spring, Disvayangan Beach, Chawa View Deck, Diura Fishing Village, Rakuh-A-Payaman, Tayid Lighthouse, Rakuh-A-Idi-Old Settlement, San Carlos Mahatao, Casa Real, Mt. Iraya, Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel, Tukun, Nakamaya, Vayang, Naidi Hills and others.

Hotel/Inn/Motel/Resort Name: Amboy Hometel
Hotel/Inn/Motel/Resort Address/ Location:  Basco, Batanes
Hotel/Inn/Motel/Resort Contact No. 0920 910 3492

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Photos credit to  Amboy Hometel's Facebook Page.

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