Sunday, May 12, 2013

Barkada Trip to Caramoan

Travelling is more fun if more of my friends will join on every escapades that I'm doing. I’m so happy that my badminton tropapeez were became part of my Caramoan Adventure. These people are very adventurous like me. Almost every other month, they have each own travel trips and doin a lot of exciting activities. Good to know they are also sport-minded. Some of them are into mountaineering and playing sports like badminton, volleyball, table tennis, running and others.

Meet the Hunks in Caramoan

Anyway, the last day of our Caramoan trip was another island hopping plus an ultimate trekking up to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Mother of Peace Grotto.

Around 6 o’clock in the morning, we took our breakfast. They prepared langonisa, hotdog, adobo, fried rice and others. We just rest for awhile and then go to our next journey.

Our first stop- Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, Mother of Peace Grotto. It is located at the top of Caglago Mountain in Barangay Tabgon, Caramoan, Camarines Sur. It has 524 steps (530 if landing is included) leads to the 26-foot image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Marian image (image of Our Lady) is said to be the biggest in the Philippines.

I’m telling you guys, you need to eat a lot of banana and drink Gatorade because going up to the grotto was super tiring and perspiring. “Bawal ang may rayuma” lols. For those people who are wearing shorts, they will give you a cloth to cover your legs. This one way of giving respect to the place. 

The next place we visited was just like the islands in Puerto Princesa. Another white powdery sand beach with crystal clear water. The whole area is very pristine. Also, colorful boats added the to the beauty of the island. We just stayed 20 mins in the place because it's really hot. There's no big trees that can shade on us.

Whatta POSE!

On my previous post, we created our own "Putikan Festival." It's really unforgettable because this is not normal when you're in the beach. We're just like a super star. All the people in the island were looking on us. Our skin were covered of mud. One of the comments of the photos I received that we can call ourselves "The MudBoys". hahaha

In Caramoan, there’s an island only can be seen during low tide. It’s just like big desert rise in the sea. It’s really really beautiful. You will see the shapes of the wave of the water which printed on the sand.

Even the "disappearing" moment of the island during the high tide, it's not really deep. Maybe that's the reason why there's volleyball court in the island. Of course, it's our chance to play one our favorite sports. We don't care about the direct heat of the sun. It's part of the game. hehehe.


The final island we explored has lots of big rocks that scattered around the area. Just like other islands, it has stunning view. Look the photo above, "Hanep! Survivor lng ang mga pose."

Overall, my Caramoan Adventure was super FUN. There're lots of unforgettable moments that I will always  remember wherever I go. I will treasure it. Hopefully more international tourists will visit this beautiful place. And I believe this is one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. Thank you again for reading my blog.

Next story that I'm going to post on my blog is my 2nd Anawangin Adventure. Check out my blog soon for my story.


  1. when i visited caramoan, the white sands are very beautiful and it is just like Boracay. the tour package is also cheaper than Boracay, i got a super cheap package from the foods are a mixed of bicolano dishes and seafoods.



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