Thursday, May 16, 2013

Marco Adventure goes to Anawangin

Anawangin Cove in the province of Zambales is one of the islands that I considered that every Pinoys must have on their travel list. You will feel somehow the significance of nature of your life and how lucky the Philippines to have this beautiful tourist spot . The island cove that can remove all the stress (for a moment I guess?) that you get from the busy Metro when you see the beauty of the whole place and indulging on different outdoor activities.


Last week, my sister invited me to join on their Anawangin trip. Since it was my rest day and there’s no schedule for meeting, events and out-of-town trip, I immediately replied YES!  It’s going to be my third time to visit this beautiful island.

Together with my sister’s high school friends, we prepared ourselves for another exciting escapade. We’re more than 10 excited adventurers going to explore the island. 

If you’re going to Anawangin via Bus, what I suggest to take Victory Liner with signage going to Iba, Zambales or Sta. Cruz. The travel time is  3-4 hours and the fare is around 260-300 pesos.  You can ask the “manong driver” to drop you off to town’s public market (San Antonio, Zambales). Then, ride a tricycle going to Pundaquit which is 20 to 30 mins. ride. The charge for this travel is around Php 30- Php 40 per head.

Mt Pundaquit and its beach front are your signs that you’re almost in Anawangin. You need to rent about. Small boat charge with the capacity of 1-4 pax is ranging from Php 1500 to Php 200 and big boat charge with the capacity of 10-15 pax is ranging from 3,000 to 4,000. Sometimes you’re being charge per head which is Php 150- Php 250. So don’t forget the “ tawaran portion” hehe.

If you're the more adventure type and don't care the direct heat of the sun and high bushes, you can hike across the mountain down to the cove. As much I want to do it, we don't have enough time. Anyway, we took more than 30 mins journey going to Anawangin cove.

I’m a bit disappointed when I saw the beach front of Anawangin, it’s really different from the first and second time I visited the place. There’re lots of cottages and wood portions that divided the campsites to the river and mountain. It’s really far from being so called “paradise.” Good thing despite the changes in the island, the beauty of Anawangin never fails tourists to explore the island again and again.

Just a reminder guys, there’s no accommodation here. Don’t forget to include your backpack the tent that you’re going to use if you’re going to stay overnight. Speaking of backpack, I brought my premium backpack from Outdoor Products. I’m sure you would love to bring this cool bag on your next escapade. Good thing about this bag, it’s made of cordura® fabric which best known as durable, versatile and reliable material, constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, weight for weight and others. It has also S- straps follow an s-shape to create a superior fit on our upper body frame and creates balance of weight, making it easier to carry on the back. 

Outdoor Products really ensures quality and practicality without ever compromising style. It's the best companion for your travel adventure.

My color is not yet recovered from my Caramoan Adventure lols. What I'm wearing:  tank top from fashion online, pants from Bench, slippers from Roxy, accessories from SM Accessories, digi camera from Canon, watch from Freeway and bag from Outdoor Products

By the way, the campsite fee is Php 50 for day stay and Php 100 for overnight stay. Also, if  before going up to the mountain  and walking around the river are FREE, but now you need to pay Php 25 each activity. "Grabeh Kumikitang Kabuhayan tlga."

At the top of the mountain, feel the fresh air while looking the magnificent scenery of the Anawangin Cove. The beach scoured with pristine crystal clear water and greyish white sands. You're eyes will be relaxed on gigantic Zambales mountains and greenish pine trees which abundant around the area.

Other than Anawangin, you can also told the "bangkero" to bring you in  Capones Island and Nagsasa Cove. These two beautiful islands also offers stunning views. You would definitely love to have photographs in Capones Island Lighthouse and white powdery sand beach of Nagsasa Cove. So sad we don't have enough time to explore these two beautiful islands.

For more unforgettable experience in the cove, enjoy different kinds of outdoor activities like swimming, camping, mountaineering, kayaking, playing volleyball and frisbee, among others.

So what are you waiting guys, bring your family, friends, officemates and loved ones to the beautiful cove of Anawangin. Thank you for reading for blog. See you on my next adventure. Enjoy travelling!


  1. the bag is cute.. where can i buy outdoor products backpack?

  2. Anawangin is really a superb place.. It never fails me in providing unforgttable memories together with my friends



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