Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Think your savings first before Travelling

To get a fulfilling and satisfying escapade, you need to make sure everything is properly planned. It really needs passion and dedication because travelling is not that easy as what you think especially those adventure with thrilling outdoor activities. You need also to consider the time, weather, place and of course, the most important- the MONEY. It’s very essential to have enough funds before your indulge to an exciting travel trip. That’s why as early as now, most of the people are saving money for their future travel. Even the young ones save money on their bank account. Also me, I make sure that I have money on my next escapades. Some of my income goes directly to my bank account.  Rather than going to the bank, I  do the bank transactions through online. It's very convenient to have online account with my bank.  Actually, you can do it by your own. To open a bank account online easily, you just need to make sure your properly fill up the form online, follow the requirements and agree to their terms and condition. You need to make sure as well you are on the right website. Online banking really works for me.

Most of the time, I always updated my bank transactions online. There's no hassle in checking the status of my money that I deposited on my account. It save me more money and time rather than going to the bank. It’s also effortless to go online. In just one can see the full details of your bank account statement. Just reminded guys, you need to take time to compare current accounts because it will help a lot to understand how to control your money in terms of depositing and withdrawing.

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Anyway, I checked my savings online and it’s enough for my next adventure. I'm really excited because my next stop is going to Sagada. It is famous for its hanging coffins. This a traditional way of burying people in the past. I’m so curious about these coffins because most of them are really hanging on wall, a bit scary yet interesting. Some saying not everyone are qualified to be buried this way. They should have been married and had grandchildren.

Other than hanging coffins, Sagada is also popular in their magnificent caves and falls. I really want to see the Sumaguing, Lumiang Caves, Pongas Falls, Bomod-ok and Bokong Falls. Who didn't know the famous Rice Terraces. Of course I love to to visit that place.

In Sagada, there are a lot of things to do like trekking, caving, spelunking, rapelling, nature hikes and participating in tribal celebration and I will do all theseactivities once I touch the land of Sagada.  I’m the type of adventurer who wants exciting and thrilling outdoor sports. The harder to do... the more I want. I like to experience and explore everything. 

So guys, as early of now, save money for your next adventure. You can be just like me, it’s easy for me to go to a particular place because I save money  for my travel.  I make sure that I always manage my travel finances so at least I still have the funds for the next travel trips.

See you guys on my next adventure. Enjoy travelling!


  1. I agree with this big time! You really have to consider your savings before travelling. You should have more than enough because you don't know if you'll encounter anything throughout the travel.

  2. Yeah! You're right Krisella..Thanks for dropping by my blog..



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