Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marco Adventure goes to San Juan, La Union

Lack of sleep from the toxic world of my company, still headed to Partas Terminal, Cubao for my adventure in the surfing capital in the North, San Juan La Union, without searching anything about the place.

I felt so stranger inside the terminal looking those people sitting in the corner. Most of them are groups along with their family, friends and loved one. This was not the first time I traveled solo but still there’s something pain inside my heart. Woh! I’m such a dramatic traveler. hehe

Actually, I’m not alone going to La Union, it’s just so happen I needed to adjust on my travel schedule due to my working hours. The group should be leave in Manila around 4:30AM. The end of my shift is 5AM so there’s no way to be with them on the road trip.

The reason why we're going to San Juan, La Union, we will be joining on a bloggers event sponsored by The Circle Hostel, Kahuna Beach Resort and Thunderbird Resorts.

Anyway, going back to the terminal, it’s so hard if you haven’t booked your ticket prior to your travel scheduled date. There are chances you need to wait couple hours to wait for the next trip. Good thing, the passengers that day was not that many as I expected. 

Other than Partas, you can also take Florida, Genesis, Dominion, FariƱas and Viron going to San Juan, La Union. I took the trip bound to Laoag, Vigan and Abra. The fare is more than PHP 500.  Here’s the link How to get to San Juan La Union. The travel time is 5-6 hours.

I’m so fortunate I was in the bus with lazy boy chairs. It’s my first time to be seated on this kind of chair while travelling. I remembered my Adventure to Bicol particularly in Albay. My goodness! I needed to stretch my legs all the time. The narrowed space of the chair between my legs was very annoying. C’mon  sitting on a hard chair for more than 10 hours is very ridiculous. That’s really unforgettable. At least I survived hehe.

San Juan, La Union is not that new to me. I had been there twice. The place is also way going to the provinces of Ilocos. All you need to do is to tell to “manong” driver your destination is to San Juan Surf Resort. This is very popular so there’s no way for you to be lost going to this place.

The first thing I did was to find The Circle Hostel. It’s 50 meter away from the highway and 200 meters away from the beach. I found the hostel at the back of Urbiztondo Grill. 

The Circle Hostel is very different from usual accommodation that I see in front of the beach or just nearby. I’m so amazed on the concept of the place. It’s very impressive specially the big common area. The bunkhouses really caught my attention. The comfy bunk beds has built- in mosquito net and privacy curtains. There’re also hammocks around the area.

If you know me, I’m not the “maarte” type of traveler.  I love to sleep inside the tent or wooden cottage rather than to stay in an expensive hotel or resort. This time, I felt I’m not a stranger in The Cirlce Hostel. I’m belong..lols.

Everyone in this place are very nice especially the owner, Raf. You need to know him because he’s really a cool guy. I also met Lois of We are Sole Sisters, the person behind why I’m on this place hehe. I swear she’s a hot surfer woot wooh. Alejandro and Sandra are so awesome too. I really love talking to them because they’re real persons (naks gumaganun pa lols). 

Here are the things we did on this adventure.
  • Took our launch in the beautiful place of Kahuna Beach Resort
  • Took our dinner in the elegant Thunderbird Resorts
  • Food Trip galore
  • Swimming in the beach
  • Snorkeling in marine protected areas
  • Stargazing while lying down on the sands of the San Juan beach
  • Playing Random Games 
  • Drinking session
  • Story telling
  • Yoga
  • Painting around The Circle Hostel
Of course other than sleeping (lols), I also joined the yoga lesson instructed by yoga master Raf (aun oh!). At first, it's kinda hard to do the different yoga positions. It seriously challenges my strength and flexibility. Good thing I'm a very flexible guy (may ganun! hahaha). This activity was very easy to me hahaha ( wag lng headstand).

photo credit to Kara of Travel Up

It's so sad I was not able to experience the surfing in San Juan. There are no big waves  that time. I think it's just a feet the waves in the sea. Maybe I will go back here again in the month of November, which I think the best month for surfing.

My adventure to San Juan, La Union was very unforgettable! It was a weekend of super FUN! Thanks to my fellow travel bloggers who joined on this event. Hopefully we can do it again specially the random games. I'm looking forward someone will be drunk OR may "tatawag kaya ng uwak?" bwahaha.

Thank you to The Circle Hostel for our accommodation, Kahuna Beach Resort for our lunch and Thunderbird Resorts for our dinner. And of course, SALAMAT Raf and Lois for this wonderful adventure. Till next time!

See you on my next adventure. Enjoy travelling!


  1. Natawa ako sa introduction mo about being lonely... haha... anyway the place looks cool. Parang playground for adults. I hope i can visit the place soon =)

  2. ako din kaya natwa lols.. may pag ka emo lng hahaha.. actually you're right. playground nga ito mga adults..and the good thing about this place .."There are no strangers in The Circle Hostel" you will definitely find new friends here

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