Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Team Building at the Rosalinda Resort in Antipolo

We always plan for our group's team building. Almost every end of our shift, we discuss where is the best place to  hold our team bonding. There are so many destinations we want to explore but it came up to a resort in Antipolo- the Rosalinda Resort.

Rosalinda Resort 

Antipolo City is the home of Antipolo Cathedral also known as National of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage/ Immaculate Conception Parish. The city is also famous for its cashew nuts & suman. Now, the place has been a favourite summer destination for those who are living in the Metro. You can definitely rent plenty of private pools and resorts with overlooking view of buildings and houses in the nearby city.

Rosalinda Resort has 3 private pools- the Rosalinda 1, Rosalinda 2 and the Rosalinda 3. Our group chose the Rosalinda 2 which can accommodate up to 50 persons. It has 2 family airconditioned rooms with comfortable beds. The resort is a perfect place for team buildings,  family gatherings,debuts, wedding venues and others. I think they are now working for the Rosalinda 4.

Rosalinda Resort 1

The Rosalinda Resort Package (Rosalinda 1)- 50-100 pax

Php 10, 700 with free gasul
Php 10, 500 without gasul

Day Time: 7AM to 6PM
Night Time : 7PM to 6AM

24 hours stay with same amenities: Php 18,900.00

Amenities: 4 Air conditioned rooms with comfort rooms,  5 nipa huts,  Tables and chairs, Pavillion, Videoke, griller,  stove, ref, one gallon mineral water with dispenser and  Swimming pool 15x9 with kiddie pool.

Rosalinda Resort Infinity Pool 2

The Rosalinda Resort Package (Rosalinda 2)- 20-25 pax

Php 7, 700-  7AM to 6PM
Php 8, 700- 7PM to 6AM

24 hours of stay: Php 15, 400

Amenities: 2 Big Air conditioned rooms (20-25 pax per family room), videoke, ref, stove,  griller, tables and chairs, one gallon of mineral water  w/ dispenser and swimming pool/with kiddie pool.

Rosalinda Resort 3

The Rosalinda Resort Package (Rosalinda 3)- 12 pax

Php 6, 500-  7AM to 6PM
Php 7, 500- 7PM to 6AM

24 hours of stay: Php 14, 400

Amenities: 3 Air conditioned rooms, videoke, ref, stove,  griller, tables and chairs, one gallon of mineral water  w/ dispenser, swimming pool/with kiddie pool.

Rosalinda 2 has a cooking area where you can grill beef, pork, poultry, and fish. There is also a big dining area with complete of chairs and tables for the "salo-salo" or what I call "food trip".

We started the party by dipping ourselves into the warm water of the swimming pool. It's really big. We enjoyed the water playing different games and of course taking tons of  pictures in different angles hehe. I was surprised  because some of my teamates are a bit daring showing some of skin on their night swimming attire. haha

After using our energy in the pool,  we took our dinner. Good job to our moms in the team because their food are really delicious. While writing this blog, I'm now for craving for the pork barbecue, chicken adobo, sisig and Rap's tacos.

For those individuals who love to sing, don't worry folks there's videoke available in the resort. Just be reminder, always inform the reservation officer pls. make sure the videoke is working fine. So sad our videoke is working but some of the number buttons are not properly working that's why we need to press it under the box. It's very inconvenient.

We ended the party around 4AM in the morning. Some were a bit drunk and tired but everything was really fun. Thanks to Melvin, Daina, Dane, Khalee, Gono, Rap, Patricia, Chili, Chen, Krissa and Patrick for this simple yet memorable adventure. I will miss you guys.

Resort Name: Rosalinda Garden Resort
Resort Address/ location: Sitio Sampaguita Soliven St., Taktak Road Brgy. Sta Cruz Antipolo City, Philippines 1870
Resort Contact Number: (632) 584-8705 / (632) 514-5513 (632) 640-1524 / (632) 703-3107

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Some photos are credit to Rosalinda Resort


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