Thursday, June 27, 2013

The adventure to Corregidor Island, Bataan

As much I wanted to stay in Dampa, Timog, sharing crazy stories and laughters with my badminton buddies, I needed to leave the place for my adventure in Corregidor Island, Bataan. I will join the Corregidor Challenge together with photography enthusiasts and friends from the media which presented by Columbia Sportswear

Corregidor Island

I’m sure most of us somehow know why the Corregidor Island is so famous in the Philippines. The tadpole-shaped island is one of the important historic sites in the country. Who don't know the World War II? I will never forget the Philippine history because during my elementary and high school days, I needed to remember every details and dates of significant events that happened in the past. It's very useful in answering the periodical test in history subject and some competitions that I joined (naks talino!) lols

Meanwhile, as early as 5AM, I headed to CCP which Sun Cruises ferry is located. It caters daily trip transfers from Manila Bay to Corregidor Island. For ticket inquiries and package tour, you make check their website ( or going to their ticketing office just beside Harbour square (at the back of Coconot Palace). The travel time from Manila Bay to Corregidor Island is about 1.5 hours.

In the port of the Corrgeidor Island, there're "Trams" or "Tranvia" buses of Sun Cruises, Inc. were waiting that will bring us to selected yet famous areas of the island. The vehicle really looks cool. It can carry 30-40 passengers.

During our adventure, the weather was really HOT!  I felt the direct heat of the sun all over my face, back, chest, among others. Good thing I'm wearing a Columbia shirt that has Omni-Freeze Zero technology. It's very comfortable. I don' t feel too much sweating. The shirt really absorbs all the sweats and dry quickly.I also like to add it's styled to fit and easy to wear too!

Let me share you what's Columbia's Omni-Freeze Zero technology. It is one of the features of Columbia apparel that acts by accelerating the wicking process to keep the wearer dry, and then it recycles the sweat gathered to lower the fabric’s temperature. In short, when the person starts sweating, an immediate cooling sensation will take over. And that's what I feel during the challenge. This is very recommendable to wear when indulging outdoor activities like mountaineering, trekking. biking, among others. The Columbia shirt can really provide  all day comfort with quick-dry.

The Omni-Freeze Zero is dubbed as the Einstein of sweat-activated fabrics which indeed an outstanding feat in the industry of sportswear – one that makes science wearable!

Anyway, I saw  lots of war-ravaged buildings which have not been restored, and left how it was after the war. It's a bit scary but you'll definitely appreciate how these building showed the history of the country.

There' re lots canyons too which are scattered in the island, especially in Battery Way. Just to give you additional information about Battery Way, it was named in honor of the Coast Artillery Corps of the U.S. Army, which along with Battery Gear.

Other places that we visited are the following:
  • Duck Walk Tunnel
  • Corregidor Hospital
  • Mile Long Barracks
  • Cine Corregidor
  • Pacific War Memorial
  • Spanish Lighthouse

One of the best sites you should not miss when you visit Corregidor Island is the Malinta Tunnel. I really enjoyed our adventure inside the tunnel. Some of us were afraid to go inside because it's very dark. They're thinking there are ghost inside the tunnel because they know that there are lots of Filipinos, Japanese and Americans died inside the tunnel. There's a possibility there are spirits around the area. So far I don't feel anything. Everything is fine! No need to worry!

They gave us helmet to protect our head from sharp and pointed stones and flashlight to provide lights while exploring the tunnel.

The Malinta Tunnel derives its name from Malinta Hill. Malinta is Filipino word for "full of leeches", linta being the tagalog word for "leech." It was initially used as a bomb-proof storage and personnel bunker, but was later it became a hospital.

Other activities in Corregidor Island
  • Adventure on Zipline
  • Malinta Tunnel’s Lights and Sound
  • Riding on ATVs (All-terrain vehicle
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Camping
After the tour, we're treated with delicious buffet lunch, which ended our Adventure in Corregidor Island, Bataan. I really enjoyed all the activities and it's really FUN! FUN! FUN!

Thank you Columbia Sportswear, the leader in outdoor innovation and design, for this truly unique and memorable experience.

Don't forget to check out Omni-Freeze Zero products at your nearest Columbia Sportswear store and enjoy creating many new memories in comfort and style—because you deserve nothing less.

So guys see you on my next adventure! Enjoy travelling.


  1. wow ang cool marco

  2. You must visit the place.. it's just like going in the past.. Thanks for visiting my blog..

  3. Yes, Corregidor is truly one of the best -- if not best -- places to visit because it is vastly different from all the other tour destinations in the Philippines. You've got history, adventure, nice scenery, and as I have always say, it's a great chance to get away from all the pollution and noise of Metro Manila. As someone who has been to this island countless times, (we pioneered the use of the island as an outdoor adventure and team building venue back in the early and mid-1990s. it is good to see that more Filipinos are now becoming interested in this Fortress of Freedom.



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