Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adventure to Mt. Pulag

I’m sure some of you already reached the magnificent summit of the second mountain in the Philippines, Mount Pulag

Dubbed as the The Playground of the Gods, Mt. Pulag (or sometimes Mount Pulog) is one of the must-see mountains in the country, which offers the spectacular view of the sunrise. It is Luzon’s highest peak at 2,922 meters above sea level. The mountain lies between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya.

Most of the mountain climbers or I must say all of outdoor enthusiasts including myself want to conquer this beautiful natural landscape. Mt. Pulag boasts attracting spots include the montane forests, rolling mountain slopes and the grassland summit with its "sea of clouds" phenomenon. It also the home of Philippine Deer, Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat (“bowet”) and the Long-Haired Fruit Bat and other wildlife species.

Some of you probably don’t know this mountain has four major trails up the summit: the Ambangeg, Akiki, and Tawangan trails from Benguet and the Ambaguio trail from Nueva Vizcaya.

The most used trail and considered as a “tourist trail” is the Ambangeg Trail. Beginners are advised to take the this trail, which offers the easiest way up the summit.. And if you’re the adventure type of person who wants a challenging hike that has steep trail , you can take the Akiki trail.

How to get to Mt Pulag

Going to Mt. Pulag is so easy. You cam take the Victory Liner Bus going to Baguio. From Baguio, travel to the Dangwa Terminal and rent a jeepney bound to Benguet. The trip to Benguet takes five hours. Along your way, you will definitely love to see the scenic route picture-taking in the tranquil Ambuklao Dam.

Campers/Trekkers may set camp at two stations; either at Camp 1 or at Camp 2. The most preferred campsite of the campers is the Camp 2 because it has full view of the grasslands and the rugged forest.

Be prepared on the cold temperature of Mt. Pulag. It’s really cold in the campsite especially at night. It may reach negative. Advise to wear windproof, breakable, thick jacket. Don’t also to forget a lightweight warm hat and a face mask to protect yourself from the wind, lightweight, thick gloves for your hands,  medium weight thermal leggings/ pants, light hiking/trail shoes, among others. The most advisable clothes for this kind of adventure are thermal apparel appropriate for cold weather.

If this is the first time of your moutaineering group to conquer Mt. Pulag, you can ask a guides and porters who are always available in the registration area of Mt. Pulag National Park.

To all mountain climbers, adventurers, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, don't forget to include Mt.Pulag in your next adventure escapade. Enjoy Traveling!

Photos by Maricar Dacles, a certified bundukero!
Mt. Pulag, Kabayan Benguet, Philippines

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