Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Batad Rice Terraces and Bangaan Rice Terraces in Ifugao

Most of us know the very famous tourist destination in the province of the Ifugao- Batad Rice Terraces and Bangaan Rice Terraces, are widely known as the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. These amazing "Living Natural Landscapes" are listed as a World Heritage Site since 1995, under the designation, Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras. 

Located in Banaue, the Ifugao Rice Terraces has two terrace clusters, namely Batad and Bangaan. These magnificent irrigated rice paddies are sometimes called by the by locals as the "Eight Wonder of the World." The terraces are covered mostly of rice and other indigenous plant species.

How to go to Batad Rice Terraces/ Banaue Rice Terraces:

There are buses going directly from Manila to Banaue. The fare is from Php 400- Php 600. You can take Florida Bus, Victory Liner, Ohayami Trans, among others. After reaching the Banuae, take a jeepney that can bring you to the Saddle Point. The road to the Saddle is mostly unpaved so you need to be prepared for this kind of road trip.  The impressive views of Cordillera Mountains will greet you along your way. After reaching the Saddle point, expect for an adventure via trekking.

Other than the going around to the  Banaue Rice Terraces, there are lot of activities that you can indulge during your stay here in Batad. You can take a 30 minute walk going to Tappiyah Waterfalls, a great place to swim. Stroll around the Patpat Sitio (Sub-Village), the sub village of Batad. Enjoy watching the elderly woman weaving traditional clothing with a backstrap loom or also called the 'Ifugao weaving' and many more!

Batad ( particularly the Banaue Rice Terraces) is not just an ordinary place, it’s a Philippines' treasure that we need to protect and preserve. Hope to you can visit this beautiful place in Ifugao on your next escapades. Enjoy Travelling!

photo credit to Ifugao Tourism

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