Thursday, September 19, 2013

Clawdaddy's Seafood and Ribs Shack in Harbor Point Subic

Foodies in the north can now taste the sumptuous crab and new food items for much affordable prices in the newly-opened restaurant- the Clawdaddy's Seafood and Ribs Shack in Harbor Point Subic.

Located in the First Level, Harbor Point Subic Bay Freeport,  Clawdaddy is one of the finest restaurant in the area  that serves  authentic crabs and wide array of sumptuous Pinoy and international delicacies.

look up pose lol

The ambiance of the restaurant is very pleasing to the eyes, fearing memorabilia in the past. You couldn't resist to take photos of these cool items. The tables and chairs are properly organized. 

The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. They make sure all their customers will get excellent customer satisfaction. What I also like these people, they don’t forget to give smile to everyone.

Other than mouth-watering crabs, the new restaurant now offers affordable food items like Aunti Mae’s fried Chicken Steak, Beef and Mushroom Salpicao, Fried Chicken Melt, Grilled Skewers, Vegetable Arrabata Penne, Skillet Hatchery, Shrimp Thermidor, Hash and Honey Soy Chicken, among others.

One of my favorite dishes is the Beef and Mushroom Salpicao. The mushroom salpicao compliments to the tenderness of the beef. It’s really flavorful. I also like the best seller Auntie Mae’s Fried Chicken Steak. It’s a complete meal with chicken, rice and vegetables.

For pasta and burger lover out there, you will definitely love Clawdaddy's Fried Chicken Melt and Vegetable Arrabata Penne. Eating a pasta together with burger is really a good combination. Am I right?

On the other side of the restaurant, you will the New Orleans, serving different kind of drinks. From juices to cocktail drinks, they have it.

Don’t forget to visit Clawdaddy’s Seafood and Ribs Shack and New Orleans  in Harbor Point Subic.

Clawdaddy and New Orleans
First Level Harbor Point Subic Bay Freeport, Zambales

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