Monday, September 16, 2013

Conquering Mt Tagapo in Talim Island Rizal

Another mountain in the province of Rizal that should be conquered by every mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts out  there- the Mt. Tagapo a.k.a Mt. Susong Dalaga

Located in Talim Island, Binangonan, Mt. Tagapo is one of the best destinations to indulge adventure activities by those beginners in mountaineering. The mountain features the magnificent view of different mountains like Mt. MaculotMt. MakilingMt. Sembrano, Mt. Banahaw, Mt Cristobal, Sierra Madre & Mt. Arayat , the captivating fish pens of Laguna De Bay, Makati and Ortigas skyline, among others.

How to Get There:

Travelling to Mt. Tagapo is very fun. You need first to take public transportation like jeep (located in EDSA Central Terminal) bounded to Binagononan Rizal (specifically Binangonan Port). The travel time from Manila to Rizal takes 1.5 hr to 2 hr (depends on the traffic jam).After that, travel to Barangay Janosa via boat.  While on your way to the island, you will see floating houses, fishermen, and fishponds. Once you reach the island, look for the Barangay hall to register for the climb. There will be available guides in the area that will guide you or your group all way to the summit. The guide fee is around P 300- P 500.

Going to the summit is very easy. The jump-off point is at the back of the chapel of Brgy. Janosa, a few steps from the hall. There will be trail which is very visible along the way. There are also some signs like riverbed and mango tree telling that you’re on the right direction. This easy trail will take you up to the summit about 1.5 hours.

Mt. Tagapo is surrounded by grass. You will also notice the abundance of bamboo around the area. Most of the people residing near the mountain use bamboo in building their houses, making furniture, producing charcoal and others.

Don't forget to bring proper gear. Advised to bring comfortable shirt if you will do the day hiking. During summer or just a sunny day, the place is too hot so it's really a must to put sun block to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun. You can also wear leggings or pants to protect your legs from sharp-pointed grass also known as "Talahib".

Be warned as well on the summit of the mountain because there are big holes around the area. According to the locals, some of them believe there is treasure in Mt Tagapo.

Travel peeps! Mt. Tagapo is another mountain that you need to put on your adventure bucket list. Enjoy travelling.

Photos by Maricar Dacles, a certified bundukero
Mt. Tagapo / Mt. Susong Dalaga
Talim Island, Binangonan Rizal Philippines


  1. Ang ganda ng view... it's so green! Nasa Rizal lang pala yan?!

  2. super madamo ksi dian kaya super green. lapit lng yan sa metro manila..tumpak RIZAL lng yan..



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