Thursday, September 19, 2013

Manila Ocean Park's Sharks and Rays Encounter is now Open

Some people say sharks and rays are two of the dangerous animals in the oceans depths. I know some of us misunderstood them because we heard a lot of news of the shark and stingray attacks. I guessed some of the incident reports are too exaggerated. Actually they are just like other animals. They will only attack if you do bad things to them. It's only for only self-defense. Sometimes of the poor visibility, sharks may bite humans, mistaking them for prey.

Human's misconception about sharks and rays will definitely convert into a good understanding on these creatures in the newly-opened attraction in Manila Ocean Park- the Aquanaut.

Aquanaut features intensed indoor underwater helmet diving escapade in the Oceanarium. You will meet lots of marine animals and even sharks up close. What the good thing about this activity, you don’t need to be a good swimmer or a certified diver to experience it. You can dive in the main tank, touch feed stingrays or go into the shark tank to feed their docile sharks.

Last week, we visited the Sharks and Rays Encounter to have a rare interaction with sharks, rays and marine fishes. At first I’m a bit afraid. Since I was a kid, my thinking about sharks and rays are very dangerous. But actually they are not!

Before we have a personal face with these amazing marine life, a skilled trainer demonstrated how to interact with the sharks and rays. He also discussed the dos and donts while inside the Sharks and Rays Encounter.

Rays are very visible inside the crystal clear outdoor pool. They are just like kids playing around the pool. It also shows on their actions that they know their trainers. You will see some of the rays are just hugging the feet of the trainers.

Sharks are in the deep part of the tank. They are not friendly as like the ray. They just like to stay in one area. Don’t worry guys because gentle creatures are trained well so you can lightly touch them.

The Sharks & Rays Full Body Encounter entrance rate is inclusive of souvenir item, photo and certificate. 

For those persons with disabilities and special needs, Manila Ocean Park has specialized CSR program, focusing on sharks and rays encounter They can get the chance to hold and pose for pictures with the sea creatures under the supervision of trained divers.

Sharks and Rays Encounter is now open. For advanced booking, visit their website at You may call at 567-7777 loc 153 for other inquiries. Manila Ocean Park is located behind the Grandstand Luneta, Manila.

Manila Ocean Park
Grandstand Luneta, Manila, Philippines

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I agree! Even they're inside a pool tank..At least they are safe from greedy fishermen.



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