Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tiago Restaurant: Progressive Filipino Cuisine

If you’re looking for traditional Filipino meals from different regions of the country, what I suggest to you is to take a food trip in the newly opened restaurant just block away from Tomas Morato in Quezon City- the Tiago Restaurant.

Tiago was named after the owners’ firstborn son, Santiago. It’s owned by David John Buendia, Sigrid Aragona-Buendia, and multi-awarded chef, Kenneth Villaluz.

Last week I went to Tiago and tasted their food. I was welcomed with restaurant’s cozy interior. The tables and lights are designed so uniquely. I also noticed some of the displayed items inside the resto are old. But even these things are old, they look classical and really compliment the Filipino theme of the place. I’m so impressed also on their old electric fan because it’s still working properly.

Let’s go now to the food. I tried first the Inihaw na Tilapia. It has pickled fish with seasonings wrapped in fresh pechay. The taste of the green leafy veg really compliments to the tasteful "burong" tilapia. I think it’s served with 8 pieces per order .

Inihaw na Lumpia

Another meal that you should try is the Palabok negra or bihon noodles in squid ink, with shrimp, squid, and vegetables. This is one of my favorites because I want noodles with some vegetables. You might also wanna try the Isbistek Pansit. It has canton noodle with fried onion string on top with vegetables on the side. These two dishes are the best for those people who don't want to eat rice. It's a complete meal.

Isbistek Pansit

For all sisig lovers just like me, you must try their sisig. It has pork cheeks and nape calamansi, chilis and onion. I liked this sisig because I don’t need to put seasonings on it. This is really the best “pulutan” and it's highly recommended.


For those who want to try a different taste of a typical humba, Tiago offers Humba with Poque Poque salad . It has braised pork belly in soy sauce with banana blossoms and eggplant garlic relish. The meat is so tender and the’s very tasteful and delicious.

Humba with Poque Poque

I also liked their adobo rice. It has adobo flakes with green mango slices.

Finally, they served a mouth-watering leche plan. Actually this is not the usual lecheplan we ordered in the resto. It’s very unique because there are toppings on it. I tasted some chunks of banana with the sago (pearl).

The restaurant is also serving some refreshing drinks like fresh fruit juices, soad and tanglad ice tea.

I asked chef Kenneth what's the secret of the these delicious food. Chef shared that the preparation and the cooking techniques are two of the reasons why the food tastes so good.

The owners also shared the menu is a showcase not only of flavorful Filipino food, but also of how Filipinos eat.

I really enjoyed all the food. They are all delicious and the prices are worth it. This is the best place to bring your family, friends and love one if you're craving for Filipino cuisines with a twist of flavors.

Tiago is open from 11am until 12 midnight and located at 85 Scout Fuentebella, Quezon City

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