Monday, November 18, 2013

Adventure to Mt. Ampacao in Sagada

If you want to see the magnificent view of Sagada, take up to the summit of Mt. Ampacao.

Mt. Ampacao is a one of the must-visit spots in Mountain Province. It is consider the highest peak in Sagada. The mountain features amazing view of Sagada and green pine trees straddling around the area.

How to get to Mt. Ampacao

The jump off point of the mountain is at Ambasing Elementary School in Brgy. Ambasing, Sagada. The trail is easy to follow and a guide is an optional. But, if you want a guide, you can go to the Saggas office which near the junction of Sagada's two main roads.

The first 30 mins of walk is a bit steep along with concrete roads. After that, another 30 mins of walk through rough and rocky roads that will push the limit of the strength of your feet and legs. Good thing fresh air is everywhere. Your eyes will be filled with natural wonders. The views are really refreshing. It's good good to out from the Metro

If you’re not sensitive with rain forest water, there are water resources available along trail. Don’t worry guys because it’s clean and safe.

Going up to the summit is very easy. Since the trail is very visible, there are no chances you get lost. Trekking going up to the peak is almost 2 hours. If you're a hardcore hiker/mountain climbers, you can do it 45 mins to 1 hour.

Don’t forget to bring comfortable apparel when doing day hike. It's also advisable to wear quality footwear like Sandugo. If you will stay overnight at the summit, please make sure you have thick jacket, pants, bonnet and gloves because it’s really cold at night.

At the summit, you will see wide landscape with small grasses which so called "ranch." The big Smart Cellsite is very noticeable at the top of Mt Ampacao. Here is also the camping site where you can pitch your tent and do the socials at night.

The panoramic view of the mountain is really beautiful, featuring Mt. Sipsipitan, Mt. Polis, Bessang and Mt. Tirad, site of the famous Tirad Pass. You will also see the mountains sprawling Ilocos Sur and Abra-Mt. Province boundary.

Every ber months, lots of migratory birds are flying in Bundok Ampacao. The locals are hunting these unique birds  using a big net with two sticks on both side. This is the traditional bird hunting way of the locals called "ikik."

After exploring the beauty of Mt. Ampacao, you must visit the Hanging Coffins, Sumaguing Cave, Bomod-ok Waterfalls, Lumiang Cave, Echo Valley,Yogurt House, Lemon Pie House and among others. 

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