Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Challenge in Mt Natib

Other than Mt Mariveles- Tarak Ridge, another mountain in Bataan that you might wanna explore and get some exciting memories is Mt Natib.

Located in Orani, Mt Natib is a dormant volcano and considered the highest peak of the caldera in the province of Bataan.  The stratovolcano mountain and adjacent surrounding is  a protected area first declared as the Bataan National Park in 1945.

How to get to Mt Natib Bataan

Take a bus bound from Manila to Bataan. You can take either Bataan Transit or Genesis Liner, with terminals in Manila, Quezon City and Pasay. Tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at Orani Crossing. After that, travel from Orani Public Market to to Brgy. Tala ( jump –off). You need to pay a registration fee at the barangay outpost. There are many local guides available in the area that will lead you along the trail going up to the summit.

Trails going up to the peak of the mountain feature rough road with open grassland, a bit rocky side and light woodlands.The Binutas Trial is the route most frequently taken by hikers or mountaineers. Enjoy the abundance of floral and faunal species around the place. The campsite is filled with high talahib (grass), which is lies at the foot of Bundok Natib. You can take a side trip to Pasukulan Falls before going to the peak, which you can also set up group’s dinner/socials.

Going up to peak of the mountain is a bit challenging. You will encounter very steep forested slope. There is part of the trail that you need to use a rope in order to move up with another challenging trail to reach the summit.

Some of you already heard there are species in the mountain which are secretly suck your blood. These are the blood leeches or in tagalong word “limatik.” If you see blood stains on your skin (feet, legs, hands and other parts of the body), probably, there’s a limatik on it. Don’t forget to bring alcohol-base solution because this is one best ways to remove the limatik on your skin. You can also use detergent soap, vinegar and salt because these are all anti-limatik. These brown and black small creatures and sometimes green and yellow stripes ones are normally occur during rainy season. So, this is your challenge how to get rid of from limatik :-)

Good thing there are water resources available along the trail. And of course, fresh air is along your way.

Just like other mountain's peak, Mt Natib summit is covered with small patch of grassland. Enjoy the breathtaking sunrise or sunset with the breathtaking view of Bataan Province, Mt. Samat, Mt Mariveles, Subic Bay, West Philippine Sea and other wonders of nature.

Photos by Maricar Dacles
Certified Bundukero/Mountaineer

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