Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Krazy Garlic in Promenade, Greenhills

Some of us really love the taste of a garlic. Count me in because I’m a fan of a garlic. Everytime I eat fried rice, I make sure it should have garlic toppings. Even on my favorite “special lugaw” (congee), I put a lot of crispy fried garlic on top of it.

The reason why I’m talking about garlic is because I want to share my experience in the newest branch of Krazy Garlic. This a dining destination that glorifies the beautiful taste of garlic. This restaurant serves the best of the garlic –infused dishes from around the world.

If you will go to Greenhills, you can find the Krazy Garlic at the 2nd level New Wing of Promenade.  This newest branch is the 4th branch of the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, I was welcomed with eye-pleasing ambiance. The place is very neat. Tables and chairs are on the right position and properly arranged. I really like their well-designed ceiling lights and lamps because they look like big garlic. Some of the walls are also designed with the touch of garlic.

Spinach and Cream
Amazing Krazy Garlic Salad

The waiter served first the appetizer which called the Spinach and Cream which really a good start of a heavy meal.  After this sumptuous dish, they served the Amazing  Krazy Garlic Salad.  This is one my favourite dishes in Krazy Garlic. It’s a Thai inspired dishes with different kind of vegetables. For some of you don’t know, I super love salad.

Stuffed Pechay

I have also tasted their Stuffed Pechay.  I’m not sure if it’s made of fish or meat. It has seasonings wrapped in fresh pechay. For those people who love spicy food, you must try their Hara –Kiri. I’ll guarantee to you the spicy level of this dish is to the maximum level. It's a certified spicy!

Tuna Belly

Sweet 16 Chicken
If you want more protein food, you can try their Sweet 16 chicken and Belly Tuna.

My top 3 favorite cuisines are their best-seller 40 Kloves Chicken, Garlic Crispy Pata and their house specialties Garlic SnowFlakes pizza. You must try these dishes. Your money is really worth it for these delicious food.

I also enjoyed their best selling popping boba and jelly drinks. It's so amazing because it looks like a zagu and it bursts in my mouth with fruity flavour.

Krazy Garlic is also located at Greenbelt, Newport Mall, Alabang Town Center, and soon to open branch at Shangri-La Mall.

Check out Krazy Garlic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram : KrazyGarlicPH. Visit their website at www. or you can call them at 630 3733 for other inquiries.

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