Friday, December 6, 2013

"Topload" is more fun in Sagada, Philippines

Want to have unforgettable and exciting adventures in Mountain Province? If YES! Try doing the "topload" on the cool jeepney of Sagada and Bontoc

Top loading is one of the ways in riding a jeep. Instead of getting inside of the vehicle, you will go up to the roof the jeep. No comfortable chair! No protection ceiling! Everything is OPEN! Most of the upper portion of the jeep in Sagada and Bontoc are designed for topload. There are small metal (like) fences attached on the roof to prevent passengers from sliding.

Before, top loading is really a challenging activity. You need to sit down on hard metals under the heat of the sun for long hours. Everytime it passed by through rocky roads or a hump, your butt and legs are really suffered from pain. Nowadays, good thing,  the driver provides passengers of long wood with cushion. It's just like an improvised chair.

During my visit in Sagada, we hired the whole jeep. I don’t know how much the rent of the jeep or the fare/person. I’m just an “ultimate sabit” of the group lol. The capacity of the jeep is more 20 pax. It’s not the typical jeep we normally seen in the metro. It’s really BIG.

Top loading in Sagada was my second time to do topload. The first time I did it was when I went to the Quezon province and joined the Pahiyas Festival. This activity is really addictive. I don’t know why- the more the challenging, the more I want it.  

Why I’m doing topload? It's not only exciting and challenging, it's very FUN! FUN! FUN! I want to see the full beauty of mountains, terraces, cliffs, streams, rock formations, trees and among others. 

The problems of doing top load, expect your skin will be exposed from direct heat of the sun and strong wind. It can cause sunburn or windburn. You need also to be alert because you might hit by some of the parts of the big trees along your way. If you have acrophobia or fear of heights, this activity is not advisable for you. Especially in Sagada, you will see lots of scary ravines.

Tropa! I do not encourage you to go top loading. Just a reminder, there are risks involved on this activity. Please do it at your own risk and please be careful  when you decide to this.

Overall, topload is a must-activity to try when you visited Sagada and Bondoc as well in Banaue. It’s really a cool and fun experience.

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  1. Actually top loading is not new to me. May business kami na jeep kaya I do it all the time pero still wanna try it in mt. Province kasi malamig at maganda tanawin.



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