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LRT Lines 1 & 2 in the Philippines

LRT (Light Rail Transit) is one of the busiest public transportation in the Philippines. Thousands of passengers are riding on this steel-tracked to make sure they will not stuck in traffic and be on time on their jobs. 

In Metro Manila, there are two types of LRT – the LRT LINE 1 and LRT LINE 2 (Megatren). The LRT 1 originally had 18 stations from Monumento in Caloocan to Baclaran in Paranaque. Two more stations were added to the Yellow Line to connect the Monumento- the Balintawak and Roosevelt. Both two stations are now functional.

The LRT 2 has 11 stations from Recto in Manila to Santolan in the Marikina-Pasig boundary. It is the Pinoy passengers main mode of transportation with destinations along Recto Avenue, Legarda, Magsaysay Boulevard, Aurora Boulevard, Araneta Avenue and Marcos Highway.

Fare ranges from 12 pesos to 20 pesos depending on how far you are from your destination. There are two types of magnetic card tickets: Single Journey and Stored Value. I always buy the stored value ticket which worth P100. It’s very convenient for me because I don’t need to buy ticket again and again everytime I take the LRT or MRT. At the same time, you can drop off to any station even the remaining balance off your card is P1.  The stored value card expiration is 3 months from the time it's issued.  

Senior citizens can get discount on their tickets.

LRT 1 Schedule

Weekdays - The LRT operates at 5am and ends at 11pm. 
Weekends - The LRT operates at 5AM and ends at 10:30pm only. Last train leaves Baclaran and Monumento around 9pm to 930pm.

LRT 2 Schedule 

Weekdays - The LRT 2 operates at 5am and ends at 11pm. 
Weekends – The LRT 2 operates at 5am to 9:30pm only.

Just reminder tropa, don’t take LRT or MRT if you’re drunk because that’s really a NO! NO! NO! I remembered when I was in college,  the guard did not allow me to enter the station. He said "Amoy Emperador ka, bawal sumakay ang nakainom". Halatang manginginum si kuya! hahaha.

Just a tip guys, if you're a bit tipsy, what I suggest is to spray first your body with perfume/cologne and eat chewing gum. On this way, the guard won't be able to smell that you're under the influence of alcohol. But tropa,  I don't want to say you should do this. If you think you're drunk, don't take train, instead take a cab.

Open bottles or cans, sharp & pointed objects are not allowed in LRT for security reasons. Containers with fluids like chemicals, pesticides, and gasolines are not also allowed.  Just always remeber EATING, DRINKING and SMOKING are not allowed inside the train even within the station. 

If you have gifts with you, don’t be mad to the guard if they open it. He/she is just doing his/her job and it’s also for passengers’ safety. Or better yet, don’t ride in LRT if you don’t want to open your gifts. Opening of gift is one of the reasons why there's always long line of passengers.

You also need to be careful with your belongings like mobile phones, wallet, jewelry, and other gadgets. There are bad people which called “mandurukot” that will take advantage for being "tanga" (just kiddin) or not aware with the surrounding.  

Be calm and patient when riding the train during rush hour. Between 7-9in the morning and 5- 8 in the evening, the volume of passengers become double or triple. Expect jam packed of passengers inside the train. It's just like you're inside of a sardines can. I know it's kind aggravating this kind of situation but always remember, you're here in the Philippines. "masanay ka na" LOL.

Meanwhile, you can take train from North EDSA in Quezon City to Taft in Pasay City. The train is called MRT (Metro Rail Transit). Train schedules are from 5:30 AM to 11 PM.

Riding a train is one best mode of transportation for those people who always in a rush. It's also cheaper compare to riding a cab.

There are some rumors the government will also build train in the northern part of the country. This will pass by along the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga. Looking forward to see trains in these provinces.

Finally, hopefully there will be no LRT and MRT fare hikes.

Thanks again for reading my blog :-)

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  1. just wanna ask how many ride can I take with the stored value card worth 100



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