Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sandugo Sandals 1201 shoes (Review)

Trekking and hiking are not easy activities. These outdoor recreational activities are not just only walking if you're thinking that way. You still need preparations and enough time before you do it especially going to a mountain or a long journey of travel. Of course, you need also to wear the right footwear that will give you the confidence to make your adventures possible. 

I tested the Sandugo brand across the mountains and rivers of Ifugao and Sagada. The pair of shoes I bought is a blue/gray stylish footwear, which made of mesh and synthetic leather.

When purchasing a pair of shoes, I check first the weight of it. This feature of the shoes is really a big deal for me as a backpacker. Since, I will walk for a kilometer and more, I need the lightest and fastest one.

The pair of shoes I bought from Sandugo is called SH 1201, which is really a light shoes. It gives me the most time in the trail without fatigue. 

What I also like on this model, if you use it in natural watercourse, it dries easily. You will notice there are small holes in front and both sides of the shoes. It’s just like the water drainage and ventilation system of the shoes. 

You can wear the shoes without socks. When I tried removing my socks after passing the river.. you know’s still comfortable to use even I'm walking for long hours. The shoes really provides comfort with an excellent breathability and foot bed support. 

Despite the hardcore adventures, my shoes is still in condition. I know I abused it into every rock and rough terrains. Good thing it's durable. :-)

The Sandugo SH 1201 shoes comes in different colors like green/gray, black/gray, red/gray and blue/gray. The original price of this model  is P1,999 but I bought it for only P1,496, which is SALE that time.

I really recommend this pair of shoes especially for those beginners in mountaineering. It’s an ultra-low weight, great support, and all-around comfort pair of shoes. These shandals ensure stability and control as you take each step toward your adventures! I must say it’s the most affordable quality trekking/hiking footwear I used so far in all of my trips. 

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