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Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities

The town of Pagsanjan in Laguna will celebrate their annual festival called Bangkero Festival on March 17-22, 2014.

The Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival is annual celebration which held on the month of March. It features different activities such as fluvial parade and exhibitions, street dancing and singing competition, “palarong pambayan,” dragonboat race competion, trade fair, search for Lakan at Binibining Pagsanjan and Ginoong Bangkero among others.

Meanwhile, the word Bangkero is a Tagalog word referring to a individual whose occupation is to transport people and goods across a river or lake using a “bangka” (boat).

Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival 2014 Schedule of Activities

March 17
  • Misa ng Pasasalamat
  • Fluvial Parade
  • Inauguration of Festival/ Trade Fair Booth
  • Inauguration of Festival Exhibits
  • Bangkero Festival 1st Fashion Designers Competion
  • Hip hop dance Competition
March 18
  • Palarong Pambayan
  • Lutong Pagsanjan Competion
  • Singing Competition
  • Club Mwah Performance
March 19

  • Palarong Bangkero
  • Drum and Lyre Competition
  • Sikada
  • Bandigmaan

March 20
  • Regatta U.B.A.P
  • Street Dancing Competition
  • Mayor Maita Dance sport Competion
March 21
  • Regatta (Open Category)
  • Best Tricycle Float Competition
  • Search for Lakan at Binibining Pagsanjan
  • Fireworks
March 22
  • Run for Sagwan
  • 1st Dragonboat race competition
  • Misa ng Pasasalamat
  • Pisada at Kutitap sa Ilog
  • Search for Ginoong Bangkero at Mutya ng Pagsanjan
  • Fireworks
After you attended on this exciting event, why don't you visit the famous Pagsanjan Falls. This natural attraction offers a beautiful scenery of big falls surrounded by rock formations and trees. 

How to get to Pagsanjan Falls

You can take bus routed from Buendia to Sta Cruz, Laguna. Travel time will take about 2 hours. After  that, take a jeepney from Sta Cruz to Pagsanjan. There are lots of guides available in the area that will lead you going to the falls. 

If you want to be this adventure exciting, do the topload on a jeepney from Pagsanjan to Cavinti. Then take a tricycle going to Pueblo El Salvador. Once you reach the Pueblo El Salvador, this is the start of trekking going to the boat station. It’s about 30-50 mins trek.

Don't forget to mark you calender for the Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival 2014. 

Photo credit to Pagsanjan, Laguna

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