Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obando Fertility Rites Festival 2014 (Sayaw sa Obando)

For those who are having problem to conceive offspring, you might want to join the Obando Fertility Rites or popularly known as Sayaw sa Obando.

"Sayaw sa Obando" is annual celebration which held during the month of May. The people of Obando, Bulacan wear traditional dance costumes and dance in the streets to the tune of musical instruments made out of bamboo materials. They are dancing followed the images of their patron saints San Pascual Baylon (St. Paschal), Santa Clara (St. Clare) and Nuestra SeƱora de Salambao (Our Lady of Salambao), while singing the song Santa Clara Pinung-Pino.

Most of participants of this fiesta are asking the patron saints for a son or a daughter, a husband or a wife or good fortune. There are beliefs that dancing in the street with the patron saints will give miracles for those who will join the "Sayaw sa Obando" in front of Obando Church. Some devotees already gave testimonials, saying a couple months after joining the festival, they rewarded with happy and healthy baby. Those who are singles before found a mate while fishermen and farmers got good harvest 

Sta. Clara is the patron saint to whom women pray to bear children and singles to request for a mate and. ; San Pascual de Baylon is the model of religious virtue; and Our Lady of Salambao is the saint to whom fishermen/farmers for good harvest.

The feast days in Obando are held for three consecutive days with dancing: 17 May for St. Paschal, 18 May for St. Clare and 19 May for the Our Lady of Salambao.

According to expert, your request might be granted if you dance with patron saints with belief and performed the dance with graceful hips in time to the music.

How to Get to Obando, Bulacan (Commute Way):

Take LRT and drop off at Monumento station where jeepneys bound to Obando, Bulacan waiting at the terminal at the back of Victory Mall.

Hotel are not visible around the area but motel and apartelle are available just near Obando.

Sayaw sa Obando 2013 Schedule of Activities are not yet announced.

Photo credit to Rica De Jesus

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