Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Camping Tent and Sleeping Bag for Travel Adventure

Most of my adventures are happening in the beach and mountain. I always bring my lightweight camping tent and sleeping bag that will serve as my home and weather protection. These are the most important travel essentials that I must have on every trips.

I’ve been using my tent and sleeping bag for quite sometime now. They already saw a lot of beautiful places and exciting outdoor activities. Actually, they are my travel buddies every time I have solo trip. The last time I used them when I explored the beautiful white beach of Cagbalete Island.

When buying a tent, you need to check the quality, weight, weather resistance and if it’s easy to set up. For a sleeping bag, consider the weight, comfort, size, and versatility.

I bought my tent and sleeping bag from Ace Hardware in SM Mall. They are light and affordable.

The camping tent I have can fit two-three individuals. It’s a one door tent with a full rain fly and good ventilation. It has also easy pole clips and easy to roll up. What I like on this tent, it’s good in wind and it keeps me warm. The cost of the tent is less than P1000.

If you’re planning to buy new camping tent, you need to ask assistance to the store's staff if you can set up the tent to check if everything is in good condition.

If you're a single traveler, what I suggest is to buy a single side door tent because this is the cheapest type of tent.

Some of my mountaineer friends, they use Coleman tent. I tried to sleep inside of it and guess's very comfortable inside. I think Coleman tent is the best selling brand in the market now. I also saw lots of good review online about Coleman tent. Probably, in the future I will consider it.

Most of the mountaineers bring a big-full-packed bag with water, food trail, cooking tools and others. A light weight sleeping bag is a must if you want to feel comfortable while sleeping. It really gives additional heat your body. It is also advisable to have this travel gear if  the mountain's peak you;re going to reach is too cold and windy.

I bought my sleeping bag less than P500. It features polyester lining and a weight of 800 grams. To be honest with you, the reason I buy this sleeping bag because it’s cheap and the color is really stunning LOL.

Always remember, a sleeping bag should warm for its weight. It is also made from quality and ultra-weight materials.

There are some sleeping bags that have hood. These types of sleeping bags look like the shape of a cocoon, which it can keep you warm without overheating.

Whether the camping tent and sleeping that you're going to buy is expensive or cheap, always check the quality of it. Enjoy travelling!

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