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Trip to Romblon and Boracay with 2Go Travel

Crossing the sea by big passenger ship brings new meaning to slow but exciting travel. Some of us are afraid of large bodies of water. If you have fear of water (Aquaphobia), a cruise or ferry may not be the best choice for you. I know travel by sea is a bit scary especially if the waves on the surface of sea (and on ocean) are strong and big.

For those who have seen Titanic, don’t be affected on its sinking ship and drowning passengers. This is just only a movie. I know there are some scenes in this phenomenal movie are happening in real life, but don’t think it will happen in the ship you're travelling with. It will just ruin your trip. Too much thinking is not healthy as well. Just enjoy the  breeze of the air and view along the way. Always have faith. The experience of travelling in a big ferry/ship is really exciting and fun.

My badminton friends and I spent our holy week in Romblon and Aklan (Boracay). We traveled going to these provinces with 2Go Travel. Honestly, at first, I don't want to join with them to travel with a passenger ship. Most of the time, if I will go to the south, I booked online on our local airlines. For the sake of friendship (LOL), I booked trips from Batangas to Odiongan (Romblon) and Caticlan (Aklan) to Batangas on 2Go Travel's website www. travel.2go.com.ph. I'm surprised the fare was really cheap. The total cost of ticket and accommodation with food is less than P1500 (one way). Travel time from Batangas to Romblon takes 6 hours while Caticlan to Batangas takes 10 hours.

2GO Travel is one of the sea transport providers in the Philippines. It offers a wide selection of hotel accommodations/services, tours and events packages, with the ease of land/sea travel. 2GO travel operates over 1,200 branches nationwide, catering to various ports in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. They have ferries going Butuan City, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu City,  Dumaguete City, Iligan City, Iloilo, Masbate, Ormoc City, Puerto Princesa, Coron Palawan, Romblon, Tagbilaran City,  Zamboanga City.

You can find the 2Go ferry in Batangas International Port or locally known as the Batangas Pier. Take a Jac liner bus from Kamias in Cubao bound to Batangas port. The fare is Php170 and travel time is around 3 hours. Terminal fee in the port is Php30.

Before we aboard in the ship, the staff checked our documents like ticket, photocopy of valid ID and photocopy of credit card used in purchasing the ticket via online. I'm so worried that time because I forgot my credit card and its photocopy. The lady in the ticket booth told that I can't aboard in the ship because I have incomplete travel documents. I'm getting paranoid that time. I want to join my tropa adventure. I'm so lucky enough there's a guy in 2Go booth proactively helped me to fix the issue. I understand the reasons why they don't allow me to aboard in ship. They are just following the procedures for security purposes. This guy provided me some options. He told to me to contact my family to scan my credit card and send it to his personal email address. This action really works. Thanks to him. He provided me an excellent customer satisfaction.

Though, there's a direct trip going to Boracay, we booked Batangas to Romblon ticket because we will first visit our our friend's house in Odiongon and to see the Carabao Island.

2GO Travel Ferry is also known as Roro ferry because it is not only carries passengers, it also bus, cars, cargo, goods, and other materials.

When it comes to accommodation, you can select  on its super value class, tourist class, and cabin for 4. The cost is ranging from Php600 - Php2500. The tourist class and cabin for 4 are fully air conditioned. The tourist class has no AC because the ventilation is the natural air coming outside of the ferry. Booth side of the rooms are open. All the beds here are double deck that comes with  linen and pillow. You need to get the linen and pillow of your bed at the counter if you're in tourist tourist and super value class.

In fairness to this passenger ship, the ride was smooth and pleasant. I don't actually feel the waves from the sea. Good thing the weather is good and the sea is very calm. The ship is not shaky.

The ferry has also features a dining area and bar that double entertainment venues during meal time. You can also smoke and drink alcoholic and refreshing drinks at the bar area.

So far I enjoyed travelling with 2Go travel. The employees are great. I think what they need to improve more is their facilities specially the dining/ bar area. I'm not really impress on its ambiance. This the only place in the ferry where passengers can spend time if they cannot sleep. They need  to make the bar area to make more entertaining and pleasing to eyes.

I  recommend 2Go Travel  if you're travelling with a small budget. The fare is cheaper compare on the regular rates offered by different airline companies. If you're the type of passenger who has only limited time, travel by air is more convenient. You always need to watch airline promo fare. But if you love long travel, 2Go Travel is the best for you. Enjoy travelling!


  1. I'm guilty about picturing Titanic when riding boats/ships. Haha! This is why I haven't taken a long boat/ship ride for YEARS. I do plan to try it again with my family for our Romblon/Boracay trip (my mom's side of the family is from Romblon and we haven't seen them for almost a decade because of my fear).

  2. Before, I'm don't want to travel by sea because I'm afraid of drowning in case something happen in the ship. I always pray to God every journey I take. Anyway, Romblon is a nice and peaceful place. I'm planning to go back there soon. Thanks for reading my blog..



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