Saturday, November 1, 2014

Berghaus presents Urban Adventure Games

Outdooor clothing and equipment brand Berghaus recently launched a new dimension in adventure racing called the Berghaus Urban Adventure Games, which will be held on November 15, 2014 at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Makati City.

The launching event was joined by members of the press, bloggers, friends from Berghaus Philippines, Cyburban and Quorum Group.

The race is not just the traditional adventure racing format that we normally seen on racing events. It features the first app-based race format, teams of 3 members each will receive their challenges on their mobile phone as they race to accumulate points before the clock runs out. 

Attendees of the launching event tried the race. Of course, I'm part of the game. I downloaded first the Cyburban app using my android mobile phone and signed up with my email. The app is available for FREE from the Google Play store. All the challenges are listed on the app. It's a combination of mental and physical challenges.

To get a point, you need to complete a task on the app. I tried first the physical challenges like basketball, soccer and CrossFit. These activities tested how good I'm in sports. It's a bit tiring but I really enjoyed these games.

On the next challenge, my brain cells worked so hard on the  riddles and puzzles. Some of the tasks are a bit confusing so you need to think a lot to solve the puzzles. The game reminded me the days I'm still studying. 

The activity that took a lot of my time was the scavenger hunt. I found myself going around the basketball court and to seek all pictures with QR barcode scanners. The organizers are really good in hiding these pictures. It gave me a hard time to them.

The good thing about this race, you can track your progress in real time, as the scores will be available online throughout the day. It also flashed participants scores on the screen the whole time.

If you want to be part of this exciting race, you need to form a group of three (3).Teams my opt to join in the "Fun", "Competetive, or "Elite" categories. The "Fun" category will be scored but not timed, while "Competetive" and "Elite" teams will be give a limited time complete as many challenges ad accumulate as many points as possible. All challenges will be held in Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Makati City.

Just to give you advise Tropa, you need to wear comfortable clothes and rubber shoes because expect you'll be moving and running a lot. Your team should have at least one Android phone with dedicated data plan or WIFI. It's good also to bring Powerbank and a charger.

Registration fees are P2,400 for "Fun" category, P2,700 for "Competitive" and P3,000 for "Elite" category. The fee  includes singlet from Berghaus and swag from sponsors. Cash prizes will be awarded to the 1st Place teams of all three categories.

You can register at Toby's Sport Shangri-la Plaza, Toby;s Sports Glorietta 2, Toby's The Block, RUNNR Bonifacio High Street, and Toby's Sports SM Mall of Asia.

The Berghaus Urban Adventure Games is organized by Cyburban, an innovation in app-based adventure racing, adding a new dimension of interactivity to the traditional  adventure racing format.

Meanwhile, you can catch the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at the same venue. The Festival will feature films about outdoor activities such as climbing, skiing, kayaking, biking, running, among others

For more information on Berghaus Urban Adventure Race, visit

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