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Travel Guide To Mt Maranat

Travel time to Mt Maranat is around two (2) hours from the busy Metro. The range of the mountain lies between the provinces of (Norzagaray) Bulacan and (Rodriguez) Rizal. Maranat is now one of the famous nature destinations for mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts. It features rolling terrains, crystal clear waterfalls and luscious greenery.
Travel Tips:
1. Wear a proper attire. There are lots of bushes along the trail and the road will be slippery and muddy when it rains. It's advisable to wear leggings or soccer socks to avoid scratches from cogon grass and sharp stones. Rubber shoes or trail shoes is the best footwear than a pair of slippers. Head gear like hat or cap is also advisable to wear to protect your head from the direct heat of the sun.

2. Bring sunblock. To protect your skin from the heat of the sun, apply sunblock. It doesn't mean your delicate if you're applying sunblock to your skin. The radiation of the sun is very harmful especially while trekking during noontime.
3. Bring trail food and water. It will take 3-4 hours to reach the summit. You need a lot of energy for this activity. Jellyace, peanuts, crackers, flakes are some common trail foods. Water resources are available along the trail but it's safe to drink  from your bottled water. 2 liter of water would be enough for an experienced hiker.
4. Bring rain coat. We can't predict the weather. In order to protect your body from the rain, it's advisable to bring rain coat. It's better that an umbrella so you can move comfortably.
5. No need to hire guides or ask permits. If you've been to Mt Maranat multiple times, for sure you already know the trail going to the summit. But if this is your first time, you need to hire a guide. There are lots of misplaces trails.
6. Be early. Mountaineering is now became trending outdoor activities every weekends. You need to be early in order to get  good spot for your  tent.
7. Network availability fluctuates in some of the trail. There are signal from SMART and GLOBE in the campsite (not all the time).
8.First trip of jeepney from Tungko to Licao Licao is around 5AM  while Last trip from the town of Licao-Licao  to Tungko is at 6PM.
9. Dayhike or overnight can be done on this adventure.

How to get to Mt. Maranat
Private Transportation
If you have your car, simply head to Rodriguez, Rizal. From there, look for the Brgy. Macabud and take the uphill road to Licao-Licao, which is the jump off of Mt. Balagbag and Mt. Maranat. You can leave your car in the Brgy. Hall of Balagbag after registration. Don't worry guys, your car is veru safe in the area.
Public Transportation
From Quezon City, a bus with “Tungko” signage and get off at the last bus stop. From there, look for a jeepney terminal near the public market and onboard on a jeepney bound to Licao Licao. Take a short walk going to Brgy. Hall
Things to do in  Mt. Maranat
a. Trekking
b. River Crossing
c. Camping
d. Swimminh
e. Zipline
Going to the summit, you can find along the way the magnificent views on some of the prominent mountains in the North like Mt. Balagbag, Mt. Arayat  and Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

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