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Boracay De Cavite: A Peaceful Beach Inside the Marine Base

Boracay de Cavite now named as Katungkulan Beach Resort, is one of the nicest beach in Cavite. It is specifically located inside Gregorio Lim Marine Base in Calumpang, Ternate, which protected by Philippine Marines Corps.

Traveling to Boracay de Cavite is very easy for those who know the way to Ternate,Cavite. You can take Coastal Road and then to Cavitex (Cavite Express). From Noveleta Exit, drive all the way going to Ternate. Along the way, you will find Puerto Azul, Caylabne Bay Resort, the Magnetic Hill and the jump off point of Mt. Pico de Loro. The main gate of Marine Base is the gateway to the white beach. Travel time is 2 to 2.5 hours.

From the main gate, prepare P100/pax  for day tour and P200/pax for overnight stay. The beach is 2-kilometer drive from the gate. An ample parking area is waiting for your car, which fees range from Php10 to Php100 per night depending on the type of your vehicle.

Our group, Extreme Outdoor Club was welcomed with a very calm waves. We saw some young marines running in the white beach and doing their daily tasks. Just to inform you guys, taking a picture inside the training camp is a NO! NO!. You're only allowed to take picture around the beach area.

I'm a bit disappointed on what I saw around the beach. I'm expecting pure-powdery white sand and crystal clear water. I thought it's just like Boracay that's why it called Cavite De Boracay. There'a lot of difference. The beach has gray-ish sand and blue water. There are some areas in the beach where your can find powdery and white sands when it strikes by the  light of the sun. Good thing the sand here is pure and fine. It's comfy to walk with your barefoot.

We rented three rooms, which rate was around P700 per room. There were cottages available in the area offering a beautiful view of the sea. The rates were from P350-P450 per night. If you want to save more money, it's advisable to bring your own tent.

Visitors/tourists can indulge into water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and skim boarding. Other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the beach are frisbee and volleyball.

The beach resort has sari-sari store that sells a lot of goodies like bread, biscuit, junk foods,  liquors, softdrinks, toiletries and some souvenirs items.  Toilet and shower are available around the beach.

What I like about the place, it has an area which showcase a lot of stones in different sizes. There's also a mountain cliff on the side,  a perfect background for selfie or group picture.

photo credit by Jeff Gler

I enjoyed my stay in Boracay De Cavite together with cool and friendly members of Extreme Outdoor Club. It's whole a day of  "kulitan", "kainan"(food trip) and "inuman" (drinking session). We played frisbee where members of the lost team crawled and passed through the legs of each member of the winning team. This group was simply the best.  The founder of the group, Sir Edzel, was a very cool and funny leader. He's really the best travel buddy. This was my 2nd time to join in their trip. My first trip with the group was on their adventure in Ifugao-Batad-Sagada.

Overall, I still recommended the place for family outings, team building, company outing, and summer getaway with your tropa (friends). It's one of the cleanest beach resort in Cavite and the nearest beach resort from Metro Manila. Just a reminder, don't expect to much! I'm telling you tropa, Boracay de Cavite is different from Boracay. It's a simple beach resort that offers a relaxing view of the sea, pure-grayish sand and clean blue water.

Will post soon another blog for Travel Guides and some Tips for you to have an affordable (budget trip) yet fun and exciting adventure in Boracay de Cavite.
Enjoy traveling :-)


  1. Cool! Looks like you had the beach mostly to yourselves. I went there during summer and the place was packed! The shower area was a mess hehe.. Still, it's a nice affordable beach near the city :)

  2. Wag na po kayo mag aksaya ng panahon nyo kasi pangit po dyan. maganda lang sa picture kasi galing kami dyan sa boracay de cavite daw.....???????

  3. Wag na po kayo mag aksaya ng panahin nyo kasi pangit po ang boracay de cavite daw kasi galing kami dyan sa boracay de cavite daw nagsisi lang kami napagod lang kami kaya kung ako sa inyo mag hanap nalang kayo ng iba....????

  4. Talga? Balak pa nman namin this week.. y panget jaime?

  5. Hi Rose.. They only have rooms which can accommodate 4-6 pax

  6. Hi. meron po bang contact number to reserve a room? 15 kasi kami eh. ilan kasya sa isang room? Thanks

  7. 4-6 pacs pala. May contact number po ba for reservation? Ilan room nila? madami ba? baka kasi magka punoan at maubusan ng room. Thanks

  8. 4-6 pax for 700 pesos??

  9. open po b kau sa friday?pupunta po kc kmi jan ng gf ko.thankyou

  10. Open po ba ng weekdays Then may contact number po ba kayo ?

  11. Jenilyn Ternura LisboNovember 10, 2015 at 10:07 PM

    mag papa reserve sana kmi ng rooms for overnight so can i get your telephone no. or cellphone no. for the details po..reservation is on dec.27.po i hope you will response thanks:)

  12. Mark Anthony GaliasMarch 27, 2016 at 10:19 PM

    Can i make a Reservation for my Family? pls text me at 09062169800
    17 Adults and 5 childrens below 3ft..



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