Monday, January 19, 2015

The Wonders of Cavinti Laguna

It was past 5 o'clock  in the morning when the bus of HM started to move going to the town of Sta. Cruz in Laguna. There are lots of beautiful things in my head, thinking the activities what we are going to do in Cavinti.

Cavinti is one of the municipalities of  Laguna. The town has has 19 barangays, which bounded by the municipality of Lumban on the north, by the municipalities of Sampaloc, Quezon and Mauban, Quezon in the east, Pagsanjan in the west, and by the Luisiana in the south.

A total of 20 bloggers and online influencers are invited to to explore and experience different eco-adventure activities and destinations  around the municipality. Our group first headed to Bumbungan Eco Park, where the Cavinti's LGU Tourism Office is located. You can find here an overflowing  water coming from  the Bumbungan River  which looks like a waterfalls.

Ms. Nitzshell Dela Torre and her colleagues prepared sumptuous breakfast such as hotdog, eggs, puto and dinuguan. What I suggest to you guys, If you're in Cavinti, don't forget to taste their dinuguan. Their dinuguan is really awesome.

After the breakfast, we trooped to Kalakal (Pandan Weaving Center) to see their "sambalilos".  Each hat  has its own colors and designs. Price starts from Php60.

The challenge started to begin in Pueblo El Salvador Eco Park. It tested our balance, endurance and patience through climbing and rappelling. You don't need to worry on these activities. There are harness and rope as well trained guide that will help you to go up and down safely.

Many of us know the Pagsanjan Falls or Magdapio Falls. But di d you know it is also known as Cavinti Falls. The famous falls is actually located in Cavinti Laguna. There are two ways to go here. First is through boat (starts from Pagsanjan) and the second one is through trekking/hiking and rappelling (stars from Pueblo El Salvador Eco Park).

We headed next to Camarin Resort. It features a beautiful lake, lush gardens, hanging gardens, swimming pool and a lot of things which are very pleasing to our eyes. We were entertained  by the youth scholars with their cultural dance.

After the very tiring yet fun tour around some of the must-see spots in Cavinte,  we went to Villa Oliveros Resort. It is managed by Mayor Oliveros. We took our dinner here. They prepared local cuisines such as 'Pinais' (mixture of coconut of shrimps) and 'Tinuto' (mixture Taro/Gabi leaves, coconut milk and fish).

The next day, we went to Cavinti Church also known as Transfiguration of our Lord Parish Church  for an early morning mass. We're fortunate to tour around the old church. It is is the only Roman Catholic church in Cavinti with the patron saint named El Salvador del Mundo (Divine Savior of the World).

If you want to play golf, you can go to Mountain Lake Caliraya Spring. It features golf course with world-class nine-hole and eighteen-hole affair designed by golf legend Arnold Palmer. We tried to play golf. Playing gold in not easy. It takes time to be a natural golfer. They also offered different cuisines from breakfast to dinner.

The resort is also the best for team building or family outing. It offers obstacle courses from basic to advance. Everyone will definitely enjoy zipline, hanging bridge, boating, kayaking, fishing and a  lot of outdoor activities. There are available rooms and nipa huts in the area where you can reserve if you want to stay overnight. Near the resort is the Lumot Lake also known as Sierra Lake. It's is a man-made water reservoir located in the towns of Cavinti and Lumban.

Fishing is one the best activity to do in Lago Fishig Village. It offers rooms in different themes. The whole area is very relaxing. You will appreciate more here the beauty of nature.

So sad to say we're not able to explore the Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex, the Bayakan Falls and Bat Cave due to weather condition. For sure, I will definitely go back here to explore their beautiful caves.

To cap off our CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour, we trooped to Japanese Garden in Caliraya. It is a memorial park built to pay homage to the fallen Japanese soldiers of World War II. The park features lushes garden, small pond, a summit with the view of the Caliraya Lake, among others.

Wearing tank top from Aeropostle, short from Uniqlo, shoes from Rebook, accessories from SM Accessories, cap from Oxygen and jacket from Forever 21

To everyone who are planning to visit Cavinti, don't forget to join to their upcoming Water Sports Olympic happening on  February 8-14, 2015.

I really recommend to bring your friends/ barkada, family and loved one to Cavinti. There are lots of beautiful and interesting places and activities that you can enjoy with. Enjoy travelling :-)

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