Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cafe Yagam | A Great Cafe in Baguio City

Looking for a great coffee house in Baguio City? Well, I found a unique cafe in the City of Pines that serves freshly brewed coffee , the Cafe Yagam.

Cafe Yagam was created through the effort of Ms. Carla (the owner) and people from non-profit organization called Cordillera Green Network (CGN). The cafe has no concrete concept when it comes to its interior and exterior designs. The owner wants her cafe to have ambiance of  a family home.

The main attraction in cafe is their fireplace. It's surrounded with travel books, photo frames and some vintage collectors.There are small tables and chairs beside of it where you can enjoy cafe's  coffee and dishes while chatting with your family, friends, colleagues and loved one. 

Cafe Yagam is famous for serving freshly Arabica Coffee, which one of the best flavoured aromatic species of coffee produced in the Cordillera Mountains. You can choose your own type of coffee- Roast ( Light, Medium,Dark), Brew ( Paper Drip or French Press) and Strength( Light, Medium, Strong). I ordered the  Brew Paper Drip and I love its tatse. 

Aside from coffee, the cafe offers Pasta, Nachos, Sandwiches and native Cordillera delicacies (like, yagam, pinikpikan with etag, pinueg (blood sausage) and binungor (spicy vegetable stew). They also serve local and international beer.

If you want to stay overnight or for couple of days in Baguio, the coffee house also offers reasonable accommodation with spacious rooms.

I really recommend Cafe Yagam because their coffee is really great. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the place is cozy. You can also enjoy playing some instruments while looking at the bonfire. This place best place to dine  and wine too! 

Cafe Yagam is located at 25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar, Baguio City. It opens from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm through Monday to Sunday.

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