Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 Must Visit Lakes in Philippines

The Philippines is well known for boasting its tropical beauty through its beautiful beaches and picturesque islands, which attracts large number tourists every year. Yet unknown to many, the lakes of Philippines are equally gorgeous, some are the most spectacular ones in the world.


1. Taal Crater Lake, Batangas 

Taal is the world’s smallest active volcano, which has a beautiful lake inside the crater. There is a small island called Vulcan Point in this Taal Crater Lake. Taal Volcano is also surrounded by a lake, Taal Lake, which is surrounded by Luzon island. So essentially, Vulcan Point is the largest island within a lake thatis on an island on a lake on an island.  Taal Crater lake can turn brilliant blue or silver-gray, depending on the weather. The larger Taal Lake can be seen from the viewing deck of Taal Crater lake.  Taal Volcano is located about 50 km (31 mi) south of the capital of the country, the city of Manila. The trek up Taal Volcano takes around 30 minutes to an hour. The terrain can be steep occasionally, so firs time trekkers can go on horseback.

2. Kayangan Lake, Palawan

Palawan Island not only has amazing beaches, it has a few beautiful lakes as well. The most popular being Kayangan Lake, recognized as one of the most spectacular lakes in the world.

The lake is surrounded by limestone cliffs covered with greenery. Kayangan Lake is one of the cleanest water bodies in the Philippines. In fact, the clarity of the water allows visitors to see the interesting rock formation under the surface. Different formations of limestone rocks such as spikes and towers are visible at the bottom of the lake, which gives a great opportunity for underwater photography enthusiasts. Even though the sea is just outside the limestone borders of the lake, Kayangan Lake is 70% freshwater, making it ideal for swimming. There are also limestone caves to explore.

3. Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao and Danao, Sibulan, Negros Oriental 

The lakes of Balinsasayao and Danao are two crater lakes which are separated by a narrow mountain ridge, making them twin lakes, especially when viewed from above. The view from an uphill trekking trail is that of the twin lakes separated by a ridge. These twin lakes are surrounded by four mountains. Balinsasayao Lake is known for its stillness and paddling across the lake can be a meditative experience.

“Balinsasayao” is taken from the name of the bird which frequents that lake. That bird’s nest is also happens to be the main ingredient for bird’s nest soup. The word “Danao” means a lagoon.

Balinsasayao is easily accessible and Danao can be reached by trekking. Visitors can ride a paddle boatin Lake Balinsasayao or trek along the forests around the lake.

4. Pinatubo Crater Lake, Zambales 

Mt. Pinatubo is the site of the second largest eruption of the 20th century. It is also the location of a picturesque Pinatubo Crater Lake, which enclosed by an ash-gray crater. It happens to be the country’s deepest lake at 800 meters. The lake is also known to change colour. The turquoise is said to be its most beautiful.

The lake can be reached through a dusty jeep ride across lahar fields. Lahar is the mud and debris flowfrom the volcano which forms grotesque and alien looking canyons and waves. After the jeep ride, a two hour long trek will take you to the lake. During summer, when the river bed is dry, there is an option of trekking only 15 minutes to half an hour. Rainy season could be dangerous due to landslides and rocks falling.

5. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

There are two things very special about Lake Sebu, one is the abundance of lotus floating across the lake, making it look like a giant lotus pond. Lake Sebu is made much more beautiful and colourful due to its numerous lotuses. The best experience is that of paddling across the lake on a canoe early in the morning, while the flowers are in full bloom and the soft sunlight falls on the water.

The second thing special about the lake is the vibrant culture of the indigenous people living around it, majority of them T’bolis. Their traditional hand-woven cloth, T’nalak is made of patterns which come from the dreams of their weavers.

Expedia provides cheap holiday packages to Philippines which includes a visit to some of these astonishing lakes. So if you are travelling to Philippines, don’t forget to include these beautiful in your travel itinerary. 

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