Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mt. Ulap 2016

A lot of outdoor enthusiasts and mountaineers want to reach the summit of Mt. Ulap. The mountain's peak rises 1846 meters above sea level which features pine and grassland ridges with stunning views of nearby mountains.

Mt. Ulap is one of the famous hiking destinations in Benguet. It is specifically located in Itogon Benguet Cordillera Region. The jump off point or entry point can be found in Brgy. Ampucao. Everyone needs to register and pay the necessary fee. Guide is required. Most of their guides are resident of Brgy. Ampucao which some of them are students. The fee will definitely help a lot your guide.

The trail is combination of concrete and rough roads. There are numerous uphill assaults and a lot of steep trails which will measure your endurance. Some part of the mountain are cover with pine trees and some areas has no trees at all. It's a like open field of grass. Along the trail, you can find some cows eating fresh grasses. Please don't disturb them.

Interesting spots to take a photo include Ambunao Paoay, Gungal Rock and highest point of Mt. Ulap. Please be advised to get an extra careful in taking pictures above the rocks (walang pasaway!). Please! Please! Leave alone those rocks and Vandalism is big NO here!

Mountaineers preferred to take dayhike here. It can be completed around 4 to 6 hours (traverse). On the traverse part,  you will be able to see the Pong-ol Burial Caves. Taking pictures in not allowed here.

The exit point of Mt. Ulap traverse is in Sta Fe. You will find a here mini sari sari store that sell goodies like junkfood, pancit, siomai, bilo bilo, palamig, soda, juices, mineral water, etc. There are also hanging bridges along the way.

Water resources are not available here. It's advisable to bring more water. Campsites is located in At the Ambunao Paoay. Bring sunblock, hat or rash guard to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun. Please bring more water.

After the tiring trek, your group can have a sidetrip in Baguio. There are lots of interesting tourist attractions that you can be visited. Of course, enjoy the cold weather.

How To Get to Mt Ulap / ITINERARY

1200 Take bus (Victory Liner) from Manila to Baguio
0500 Take jeepney from Baguio to Brgy. Ampucao
0540 ETA Brgy. Ampucao. Head to Barangay hall.
0600 Start trek
0830 ETA Gungol Rock
0930 ETA Mt. Ulap summit
1030 Visit Burial Caves
1200 Arrival at Sta. Fe exit point. Wait for jeepney back to Baguio
1300 Back in Baguio City
1600 ETD Baguio City
2100 ETA Manila

Meanwhile, Mt. Ulap was featured in a romance-coming of age movie called 'Lakbay2Love' featuring Solenn Heussaff and Dennis Trillo.

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