Friday, February 19, 2016

Laboracay 2016

Another exciting summer event to expect  this May is the Laboracay 2016. This is annual party event in the paradise of Boracay. Most of the party peeps and beach lovers flock on this place to celebrate the labor day and making the most of the long weekend.

Laboracay is one of the biggest summer party in Philippines. Laboracay is from the word- Labor and Boracay. The event features a nonstop beach party consisting of outdoor activities, parties, events,and sand sports.

During this event, expect a crowd in the white beach. From sunrise to sundown, a lot of beach bums are walking on the sand, taking a dip  and some are drinking. It's a whole day of non-stop party.

Indulge into different outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, paraw sailing, and ultimate frisbee. You would also enjoy some of the water activities like paddling, banana boat rides, jet ski,skim boarding, and many more!

If you want to relax your body, chill out outside and try the seaside massage while sipping a refreshing drink.

It's advisable to book early for you flight going to Boracay. Ticket price is getting higher and higher. Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, and SkyJet Airlines are some of the airlines that offer flight Manila to Caticlan and Manila to Kalibo and vice versa.

If you're on the budget, you can travel by water with 2GO. It is offers Manila to Caticlan and Caticlan to Manila.  Travel time is around 10 hours

Are you ready for Laboracay 2016?

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