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Baler | Surfing Paradise in Philippines

Aside from La Union, the town of Baler is one the surfing haven in the Philippines. It's the capital of of Aurora province which is located some 230 kilometres (143 miles) north-east of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicle.

Baler is famous for a historical siege and amazing waves. It's considered as one of "top surf spots" in the Philippines. You could find here nine-feet waves which attracts hundreds of surfers from around the world.

The surfing paradise is 6 hours away from Manila. It is situated on a vast plain at the south end of Baler Bay, a contiguous segment of the Philippine Sea. Expect mountainous landscape and natural attractions along the way to Baler. You can reach it by bus and private vehicle.

Aside from surfing, there are lots of activities to do in Baler. You can do the City Tour. You can find different landmarks within town proper like  Quezon Park, Museo De Baler, Old Baler Municipal Hall, Church of Baler and Aurora's Quezon's Ancestral House. The town proper is 10 minutes travel via tricycle. You can visit all the historical sites with 2 hours. Each tourist spot is walking distance from one to another.

After the City Tour, visit Diguisit Beach in Baranggay Zabali. You can find here stunning rock formations and pristine water. The Aniao Islets and Diguisit Waterfalls are perfect back drop for your photo ops. 

If you want to see the beautiful view of Baler, head over to Ermita Hill. You can find here a shrine called "Tromba Marina" which built to commemorate the Tsunami survivors in 1735. Enjoy the amazing view of Baler, Sabang Beach. Cemento and Dimadimalangat islet.

One of the famous tourist attraction in Baler is Mother Falls. It's located in Bragy. Ditumabo in the town of San Luis. The Ditumabo Waterfalls is considered the biggest waterfalls in Aurora. It has a height of 140 feet.

Don't forget to tell the tricycle driver to bring you in the famous Balete Tree also known as Millenium Tree and Hanging Bridge. 

How to get to Baler

The bus' first trip in Cubao is at 2AM with subsequent trips every hour while the last trip is at 7:30AM. In Pasay, the first bus leaves at 4:30AM subsequent trips at one hour intervals while the last trip is at 3PM. Travel time is around 5-6 hours.

Genesis Transport Bus
Terminal: 704 EDSA corner New York St, Cubao, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 709-0803, +63 (2) 853-3115, +63 (2) 421-1422

If you're going yo use your car, take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) at Balintawak ans exit at SCTEX. Follow the highway leading to Aliaga and Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija. From Cabanatuan City Proper, take the Nueva Ecija Aurora Hwy, passing through  the towns of Rizal, Talavera, Pantabangan. Once you reach the Nueva Ecija border,  drive thru the municipalities of Maria Aurora and San Luis. From there, it will take another hour to Baler.

There are lots of affordable/ cheap accommodation in Baler. For those who want to save more money, stay in Tent City. It offers a bahay kubo which is P250 per night. There are also beach front resorts that offers space your tent. 

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