Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mang Larry's Isawan | The Famous Isawan in the Metro

Most of the students in the Metro know where you can find the best grilled Isaw. For you sure you heard already Mang Larry's Isawan in UP Diliman. It sells grilled isaw (pig or chicken intestine) with mouth-watering sawsawan. 

Mang Larry's Isawan became more famous when it's featured in different local tv shows.The store sells Isaw manok (chicken intestine) P6, Isaw baboy (pork intestine) P5, Atay (pork liver) P6, botchi (chicken intestine) P6, balun-balunan (chicken gizzard) P6, tenga (pork ears) P6, isaw baboy special (special pork intestine) P6, goto (pork tissue) P6,  and pork bbq P10.

Mang Larry's Isawan is different from that you can find along the street in the Metro. It comes with brown paper bag and receipt. You also have the peace of mind that they offer clean and safe food. Though the serving is small, the price is still very affordable. That's reason why a lot of students go hear during after class. 

Mang Larry's Isawan offere refreshing drinks like soda and buko juice and other goodies.

Mang Larry's Isawan is no longer across the parking lot of the UP College of Law. It's now relocated to the parking lot across the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice and near the University Arcade and Swimming Pool. 

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  1. natakam tuloy ako... nakakain na ako dyan two times after iBlog at talagang lakas maka-estudyante meal ang dating.



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