Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Calayan Island | A Wonderful Paradise in the North

For those who don't have yet the budget to go to Batanes, why don't visit first the island of Calayan in Cagayan. It's a wonderful paradise in the north that features unspoiled white beaches, breathtaking waterfalls,  majestic caves enchanted forest and amazing rock formations.

Calayan Island (c) Niel Nunez

Calayan is part of Cagayan province which isthe largest of the Babuyan Islands. It is composed of four islands namely: Calayan proper, Camiguin, Dalupiri and Babuyan Island. Near the island is a beautiful place called Fuga Island which is considered as part of Aparri.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dingalan | A Hidden Paradise in Aurora

There are many reasons why you need to visit the province of Aurora. Not only the town of Baler, Aurora offers a lot of beautiful spots that will surely attracts more tourists not only the locals but also foreigners. One of amazing destinations that you need to explore is an island paradise called Dingalan.

Dingalan Aurora (c) Jeff Gler

Dingalan is located in the  the southernmost town of Aurora Province, Philippines, which is 4 hours drive from Manila. It has several caves, of which the Lamao Caves are the best known. Aside Baler, you can also find here rough shoreline and very high waves which is perfect spot for surfers.


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