Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Travel Guide | Masasa Beach In Batangas

As a backpacker, I 'm always looking for a budget-friendly destination. Due to my busy schedule in blog events and work, I preferred a place which is near the Metro. One of my friends suggested to visit the unspoiled beach in Tingloy Island in Batangas, the Masasa Beach.

Masasa Beach is a 1-2 hour drive from Manila. This white beach can be reached from Mabini Batangas via a 45- minute motorboat ride. The jump-off point is either Talaga Port or Anilao Port. First trip in Anilao/Talaga port starts at 10AM.

Group or solo travel can be done in Masasa Beach. There's a passenger boat available in the port. No need to rent for a banca, save your money for your future travels. During weekends especially holiday or long-weekend, a lot of outdoor enthusiasts visit the island. Please be advised to go early. 

From the port of Tingloy Island, take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off near the beach. You need to walk and pass by ricefields before you reach the beach. No need for a tour guide. The trail going to the beach is very visible. 

From the ricefields, you will notice immediately the breezy wind and white sand. Masasa Beach is a public beach and there's no entrance fee. Pitching of tent is also for FREE. The beach features white sand with pebbles and broken corals along the coastline. Good thing the water is eaweed-free unlike in  Burot beach. There are small fishing boats docked along stretch of the shore. 

One part of the beach (near the mini cave) is little bit dirty. I saw a lot of garbage scattered around the beach. Be careful on broken bottles and sharp pointed stones. Wear slippers or sandals all the time to avoid injury. Hoping when I get back here, the beach is trash free.

During lowtide, you can find in the reefs some amazing creatures such as blowfish, crabs, sea urchins, sea slugs, sea cucumbers,colorful fishes and many more. Don't forget to bring your snorkeling or swimming gear.

Expenses/ Budget

  • Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal (Bus)- P157
  • Grand Terminal to Mabini (Jeep)- P37
  • Mabini/Talaga Port to Tingloy Island (boat)- P65
  • Tingloy Port to Jump off point of Masasa Beach (Tricycle)- P15/pax - P60/special

Travel Guide/ Reminders / Tips
  • Boats are docked either in Talaga Port  (Habagat) or Anilao Port (Amihan) depends on the weather
  • First trip in Anilao/Talaga porst starts at 10AM
  • Last trip of boat from Mabini (Talaga Port) is 3PM
  • Banca schedule from Tingloy island is from 6AM-9AM
  • Private boat starts at P1500 depends on  the number of pax. Boat rental includes island hopping
  • Check out  the "lagoon',one of the best spots of Masasa Beach
  • It's advisable to wear sandals or slippers when swimming or walking along the shore. 
  • There are no resorts or hotels in the beach. If you want to stay overnight, bring your own tent or avail homestay for P200 a day. Look for Aling Rosie at 09196864368
If you have other reviews, opinions or comments about Masasa Beach please put a comment below. Happy travelling!

Photos from our tropa Edgar Edgardo, Visit his IG @dudong_adventures for more his travel adventures

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